Black Christmas


Every year I pick a different theme for Christmas decorating. I love switching it up and doing different things. Who says you have to have a green tree? Is this a Christmas rule or something? I was never good at following rules. In fact, I was known for going against the grain quite often. This year I decided to put up a Black Christmas tree with silver ornaments, silver garland, and clear lights. I told my mother that I was putting up a Black tree and I wish I could show you all twenty of her facial expressions. It was as if I had committed a heinous Christmas crime LOL!! When I was younger with a less seasoned mentality and a closed mind, I always equated the color Black to only darkness, death, goth, Halloween, and somber feelings. Fast forward to today, and now that I have a more seasoned mentality and a wide opened mind, I view the color Black very differently. Black is beautiful, sexy, powerful, and chic! By definition though…



Wow! That’s very interesting. Black is multifaceted. Personally, I love the color Black and I wear it daily, boldly, and proudly. We also added a African American decorative tree topper and various African American decorations all around our home. We celebrate Black over here in every way for it is a gorgeous sight to see. Changing the narrative in any way we can. Dare to be different! Maybe next year I’ll do purple, gold, red, or orange. I can already see my mother giving me the side eye lol. Black is beautiful.

Here is a small look at our Christmas Tree!!







Aunt C

Death landed on our doorstep yet again. But this time, it came for my beloved Aunt Cookie. My Aunt and I had a very special bond that could never be broken. No not even in death. She was my second mother and she called me her “Poopsie”, yes she did LOL. She called me that when I was much younger and would later switch it up. Once I got older, she called me “Nae Nae” “Nea” or Linnea. My love for shopping and watching tv was birthed through her. Oh how she loved her tv shows. Especially the westerns and soap operas. Every time she saw me she would ask me, “Nea did you watch the stories?” Young and the Restless was her absolute favorite lol. I can’t even put into words the pain I felt (the pain I still feel) when I got that AWFUL phone call. The call that all of us dread. She died and I just froze up so bad. I actually had a panic attack, anxiety, and it was an outer body experience. I was in shock, disbelief, and pure sadness. I had just seen her not too long ago at the Nursing Home facility where she stayed. We watched tv, chatted a bit, and then I left. Why didn’t I stay longer?! Little did I know, that would be the very last time I would ever see her in the land of the living. I know it’s cliche but I truly thought my Aunt Cookie would live forever!!!! She was soooo sweet, special, beautiful, and kind to all who she crossed paths with. She was a true gift from God and the rarest of souls. A soul that I’ll always cherish in my fondest memories of her. It will be different and VERY difficult without her. It hurts, the pain feels unbearable in all honesty and I can’t understand it. However, I will never question GOD. I LOVE you soooo much Aunt Cookie FOREVER and ALWAYS! I promise to make you proud and I promise to leave my mark on this world while I’m here. You will live through me and I’ll see you again one day.

We laid her to rest today and now let the healing begin…




Linnea’s Purpose


I used to always wonder what my purpose was in this life that I was gifted with. I could never really figure out what my calling was and I always found myself asking God, quite frequently to show me something. I just wanted something more, something big. I felt useless and unfulfilled which transitioned into depression. Now, I’ve dibbled and dabbled in many things like tap dance, dance in general, singing/songwriting, instruments, YouTube videos, and cooking. These are all great things and I like them. I do love music, even went as far as going into the studio. But, it’s not something I ever felt fully passionate about pursuing professionally. Even with doing all of these things, I still felt a void, and I still felt like it wasn’t my calling. It wasn’t my purpose. It didn’t move me nor did it move my soul.

When I was in Middle School and High School, I used to keep a journal. I wrote about my days, my experiences, things I was going through, and I wrote poetry. Oh and I wrote songs. Middle School was rough for me so writing helped me to get through it. When I got to High School, I started writing more and more. I wrote more songs, more poetry, and I wrote my very first story. The story was actually for a class and I received an A on it. It was about a girl who was possessed after staring into the snow and the story got weirder. Don’t know where the hell that story came from lol. My teacher loved it. I knew I was different lol. My teacher at the time, whose name I can’t remember for the life of me. He was an older gentleman with long gray Fabio type hair lol which he always wore in a ponytail, and he wore glasses. You know, he could’ve been kin to Sean Connery. Anyways, he told me to keep writing and to never stop. Of course I didn’t take him seriously at the time because I was young and dumb. I went on to graduate, went to college for a little bit to pursue a degree in forensics, and I stopped writing. I stopped writing. I had children and my writing got lost in my new life. My life revolved and still revolves around my family. Anything and everything I ever wanted to do was swept under the rug.

At the beginning of  2018,  I started writing again. I started to notice the feeling I got whenever I was writing. I felt joy, passion, and happiness. I felt really good! I enjoyed writing and I enjoyed reading. It eased my anxiety too which was a bonus for me! I had never shared any of my work with anyone except for my teacher. I was always private when it came to things like that. I was holding so much inside which was part of my problem and part of my struggles. Writing was my way of expression. Writing was my passion. It fulfilled me. Writing is my passion. Helping others is also my passion. So in September 2018, I finally decided to follow my dreams because life is so short. I launched my Blog in hopes of impacting and inspiring others through my words, my creativity, sharing my truth, and my experiences. I was nervous about my very first Blog Post because it was raw and very real. I was finally unleashing my weaknesses and struggles out into the world. For all to see and for some to judge. Weaknesses that have kept me dormant all these years. Though I knew I wanted to and I couldn’t risk caring about what people thought. I couldn’t allow it to stop me. I needed to build this blog on the shoulders of my transparency. I’m so happy that I did. So many people tell me everyday that I’m inspiring them, impacting them in some way, how they are now following their dreams, or starting their own blogs because of me. No I’m not a celebrity or even close to it. No I didn’t decide to do this just to please anyone other than myself. I did it because I wanted to. Yet, I’m still making an impact and trying to live a meaningful life in the process. That’s all I want to do. Do you know how great of feeling it is for people to look at you and go, “I got this”, “I can do this because she’s doing this”, “You’ve inspired me” because it is truly amazing!!! However, I’m not stopping there. I decided to start writing a book, an Erotic Thriller Novel, and I launched my Podcast recently because I need to go bigger. I thought writing brought me joy. Omg!!! This Podcast is definitely my calling as well!!!! I have so many ideas and places I want to take this new platform. I can reach even more people. I asked God to show me and he showed out. I have lots of work to do.

I wrote all that to write this, YOU HAVE TO PAY  GREAT ATTENTION TO WHAT MOVES YOUR SOUL, TO WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE ENDLESSLY, AND DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!! Ask yourself why you’re in it. You can absolutely do anything you want to do. You can!! It is never to late to start and it is not impossible. There is room for us all to win, to be great, and to be successful! Always Remember this! Be well!

Thank you for taking time out to read this.

My Tribe

Cut from your cloth of strength. Strength that ceases every bound. I was groomed for resilience. Resilience was my only available option. I was made to persevere. Perseverance was a necessity. You planted seeds of greatness in me, that I am still growing closer to each day. You taught me to never quit. So I removed it from my vocabulary. You told me that I needed to be fearless. So I fear no one but God. I recieved and used all of the tools you gifted me with. I placed them in a treasure box and I carry them with me everywhere I go. So that I may use them indefinitely. 






Her Process

13D807C3-C08A-4A08-A4C7-B7BD3ADAD0DA.jpegI love to write. As much as I love writing, I get writers block like many, and sometimes I don’t know what to write about. Even though I have all these different thoughts flipping through my mind, about what I could write about. Yet, I still come to a block. At this point, I know it’s time to close my eyes, dig deep, and envision myself laying out on a beautiful beach. A beautiful beach with breathtaking sand and scenic views. I’m taking in the sounds of the ocean which is music to my ears. The sun is shining and it’s warm. But, not too warm. The ocean waves are light, steady, and the water is calming. I can hear ppl talking a little bit and enjoying themselves. I allow the beach to move me with the waves, in whichever direction it compels me. It’s serene and hypnotic. The beach is one of the very few places where I find solace. Yes I LOOOVVEEE the BEACH!!!! I want to savor every minute because I know it’ll be over soon. Boom…just like that and it’s over! I open my eyes. But I can see, and think much clearer now. I get my paper and pen out of my drawer. I’m ready to write from a place of struggle, brokenness, love, and understanding. I’m ready to write from a place of growth, bravery, confidence, and assurance. I allow the words to fly out and land wherever they may. Only I don’t just let the words fly out without creativity. I want to write something in such a way that ignites others to follow suit. I want to write something that will move them and provoke them. I want to leave them in awe with shock value, unaware that such words, thoughts, and feelings resides within me. I want to get them to a place of thinking outside the box and who knows?!! Maybe their current way of thinking will be a thing of the past. I know that in order to do this, I must go into the case of my soul, remove the safety, and empty the whole clip. My soul tells me what to write and the beach just leads me to it. 

Blogging My Way. 


The Apparition is Still In The Room

Let’s get into this shall we?

I can’t believe I live in a world where Sexual Predators, Child Molestors, and Rapists are defended, and protected. Protection as solid as The Secret Service. I can’t believe I live in a world where little girls, little boys, men, and women who were unfortunately victims of sexual abuse are often shamed, ridiculed, criticized, and blamed. First of all, molestation has been running rampant since the beginning of time, in households, schools, and in churches. The very places that are supposed to be the most safest, and the most sacred. Sexual crimes have been, and are still being committed left and right, by the very people who are supposed to be the most trustworthy. People like your Uncle, Aunt, Dad, Stepdad, Stepmom, Mother, Preacher, Priest, Teacher, Nun  Cousin, Family Friends, and others. Children are very trusting and naive which makes them the perfect prey. They will believe just about anything you tell them to. They’re easily attracted to false promises and shiny new toys. The Apparition that still parades around in the room is a generational, sick, dark, and twisted entity that nobody wants to admit they see nor do they want to talk about it. They see it and it haunts them today. But, it needs to be cut off at the root. The root of a long pattern of ongoing unaddressed sexual abuse, lies, deceit, and silence. The root of turning the other cheek and sweeping things under the rug. There is only so much covering up one can do before everything under the rug is exposed. It needs to be exposed. It has to be exposed. However, we need to create a more comfortable space where it can be exposed. Where we encourage it to be exposed. Can you imagine being a scared young girl, or young boy being touched inappropriately, or penetrated even, by a family member? I can’t. I can’t imagine it. I’m disgusted by it actually and I don’t want to because it’s way too hard. So, if I can’t even imagine it? My God…What it must’ve been like to have actually experienced it and to have lived it. Sexual Predators are colorless and moneyless to me. You really could be Black, White, Yellow, or Purple. You really could have a BILLION dollars!! I just see a sick individual who needs to be held accountable. In fact, the whole entire lineage needs to be held accountable, or the Apparition will continue to linger around in the room. 

When any person conjures up enough strength to come forward to speak their haunting truth about any kind of sexual abuse, or sexual harassment, we should ALWAYS take them seriously. We should ALWAYS investigate each and every time. We should ALWAYS listen!! 


Be Well! 

Interview with Queen Ali!

404EEF50-DA8B-4050-B31C-A4E256F478C2You can catch her on Instagram in the funniest skits, pulling pranks on her longtime boo King Ali lol!! Queen Ali is a social media influencer,(A TRUE QUEEN) and a mother of 2! She’s beautiful, funny, real, cool, humble, intelligent, and down to earth!!! She so graciously allowed me to interview her, and I’m thankful!! 
1. Where are you from? 
I am from a very – I mean, VERY – small town in Massachusetts. I’m a Country girl, for sure! Do you know in the Horror movies, where people walk out of the house and you scream “Noooo, go back in!” It’s always pitch dark out, surrounded by trees with no street lights surrounding it. Yes, that’s where I live.
2. Have you always been funny, and what made you want to start doing Prank of love videos/funny videos? How did that come about? 
I think I’ve always been funny… and annoying… or a solid mixture of both. Since a child, I’ve always wanted to be the center of attention, which I believe has slowed down some as I’ve matured.
The funny skits that King Ali and I create, along with  “REAL Time, Our Time” and Prank of Love, all truly came about from our lives. This is how we are with one another, almost daily, and we decided to allow the world to be a part of SOME of the craziness! He tends to take things too far though; truthfully, I need to up my pranks a bit. I welcome all ideas – DM me, please!
3. How do you balance work with motherhood, and marriage?
Carefully! Although are not married – yet, it’s no different; balancing our relationship and the children is just as much work! We have two beautiful children, Adriel and Ayira, who we absolutely adore! We both work full time and have wonderful careers, as well. Adding being “Social Media Influencers” into the mix and it creates a whole new, time consuming, dynamic for us. I do not think I was quite ready. There were a LOT of long nights, often times where we would get 2-3 hours of sleep per night, then have to wake up and put on the “happy” face the next day. Let me add, “Sleep Debt” is a REAL thing – I still have hours I owe. Either way, we began finding ways to make it work, yet still be able to watch Power on Sundays and Empire on Wednesdays together. 80% of the time, our time together consisted of creating ideas and filming skits late night. Unfortunately, we’ve taken almost all of 2018 off from creating. We’ve had so much go on this year in our personal lives that creating just has not been a priority for us as of late. However, we do have hundreds of ideas that need to come to life, so we look forward to getting back to work in 2019!
4. What advice would give to a full time working  mom, wanting to follow her dreams, and wanting to use her social media platform as a way to do it? 
Honestly, I don’t even use my platform to its full potential, so I’m in no position to preach. The best advice I can give anyone is to be consistent with your passion or art (acting; singing; dancing; crafts, etc) and everything else will follow! I’d also advise her to really KNOW YOURSELF. Being transparent in the Social Media world can be draining. You deal with a lot of ups and downs, including people that will love you, hate you, and love to hate you! You must have thick skin and be able to balance the good with the bad, because it’s easy to become discouraged. Always remember why you’re doing this: feed the positive and cherish the good, which will allow you to continue to inspire and aspire.
5. What keeps you so real, humble, grounded, and down to earth? 
First off, thank you so much for the compliments! You’re so sweet! I’d honestly say the way I was brought up. If you ever met my parents and grandmother, you’d have a profound understanding of why I’m the woman I am today. Growing up, I always heard my grandmother say “there but for the Grace of God, Go I,” and I think that has helped mold me. I also understand that what God gives, he can take away. what’s important in life isn’t materialistic, so I live very simple and focus on loving and cherishing those closest to me, knowing that God will always provide.
6. Any new projects coming up, that you’re working on, and can tell us about? 
I have one that I can’t say TOO much about right now, but hopefully if everything goes as planned, you’ll see soon enough. (pray for ya girl this year) Also, I have a LOT of work to do in 2019, so hopefully you’ll see more of my face on all Social Media platforms.
Thank you girl. I appreciate the great questions, and your time.
If I don’t talk to you soon, have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season.
much love!