Her Process

I love to write. As much as I love writing, I get writers block like many, and sometimes I don’t know what to write about. Even though I have all these different thoughts flipping through my mind, about what I could write about. Yet, I still come to a block. At this point, I know … More Her Process

Who Am I?

I spew a poisonous venom of hate so thick, that it ignites a cult of other poisonous snakes filled with venom, to follow suit. I enable them and they return the favor. We continuously feed off of each other. I love to spit out raging fires of lies and all the dragons believe me. They will … More Who Am I?

Get to know me!

About Me I thought it would be cool to list some facts about me! Get to know the woman behind the blog. BTW, the pic I posted here is me lol. Hi!! My favorite color is pink. I LOVE HALLOWEEN so much that I think I should’ve been born on that day. I’m a Pisces. … More Get to know me!