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Interview with Jordan Joseph! — May 20, 2019

Interview with Jordan Joseph!

Jordan Joseph had big dreams of becoming a singer since the age of 6, and has been working towards those dreams ever since. He is a true and genuine example of what determination, hard work, and focus looks like. At one point, Jordan was living out of his car while still working towards his goals and dreams. He never gave up which ultimately landed him a record deal with Nick Cannon and his Ncredible team. Jordan is working on his first EP. Recently, he allowed me to interview him and here’s what he had to say…
1. Where are you from?
I am from Kentwood by way of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both Parents went to MSU so that’s where I was born the MSU campus.
2. What made you want to become a singer?
As a young boy my Step-Father was a producer to the stars and by 6 I was already dreaming of being a Backstreet Boy or in BOYZ2MEN. I would put on full shows to full albums making all my siblings dance as well. Music was a big part of my childhood at home and I dreamed of Hollywood as I had seen it but more than that I just loved the freedom of music and performing. It was an escape from my family issues.
 3. What does music mean to you?
 Music literally means the world to me. Music is a mood. Music is artist expression of a moment or story. What better way to feel something or make another heart feel something than by music, melodies, poetry etc.  Music literally means the world. I don’t even have a preferred genre, I love music. Real music makes you feel and can inspire an entire movement and change in the culture…in the world.
4. Who inspired you growing up?
Michael Jackson of course! Drake is also a big one. But I love so many artist of many genres. Usher and Chris Brown were big for me as well. I wanted to be a Backstreet Boy so there is that. Prince, J Holiday, Jon B. I am a huge Eminem fan and have been since “Slim Shady,” Since my dad worked with Usher and many other artist out at the time so many became huge inspirations. The Love frequency is were I want to live though.
5. Can you describe how your life has been impacted since working with Nick Cannon?
Wow, Since the moment with Nick I’ve spent most of my time rediscovering who “Jordan Joseph” the artist is. For so long the dream seemed more like chasing the sun. I didn’t realize how far I had run since I had become so use to running and surviving so far from home. I was once told “God will humble you in such a way that you will serve those that will one day serve you.” This stuck with me since because I have spent my life doing for others and working in the service industry. Since Nick I have been able to let up on that some. I have been able to get back to finding my voice having only know it in a group. I have spent much time with myself, but not as I was while living in my car but spiritually and mentally. As you saw there was a breathe of air ending my video with Nick, I’m currently breathing and finally working as an artist. I have experienced some very difficult moments in the business and its a lot of patience and confidence. I’m learning an loving. Most of all I’m coming!
6. You’re working on your first EP right? How is it going?
Yes, this is correct! Its coming along. This is a lot more work and waiting than imagine. I’m such a perfectionist an so in my head at times of recording music. To me everything can always “be better.” I’ve recorded some amazing music and met amazing producers. Still working on it though! Stay tuned! The music is so good!
7.What do you like to do in your free time?
  This is a hard one. In a real answer, “I don’t know.” Ive spent much of my life chasing the dream. I’m learning to live now that I have SOME time. I find myself at the movies solo a lot. I love to bowl! I love the beach! Man spent many nights at the beach looking at the moon and stars. Never know what you`ll see. Drop me in a room full of dreamers and great convo, otherwise look for me falling in love. I love the simple things. I haven’t been able to travel but I want to see the world. Share my story and spread some insight and love.
8. How do you stay so fit?
Listen, at 3 months old I was in a car accident that killed me. Thank God it wasn’t my time. The doctors said I wouldn’t walk, talk, or live as a normal child. I am very active! I love to try new things. I also worked at Equinox for 6 years and it created a healthy lifestyle for me in the gym and outside. Fitness and health is very important to me. Workout 3/5 times a week and eat healthy. I’m also a pescetarian.
9. What advice would you give to someone who maybe struggling and wanting to get into the music industry?
Never give up! If it is really in your heart and you dream about this, then never quit! The music industry is one of the hardest to break into for so many reasons. Its the industry where you can be who you want or who everyone wants you to be but there is NO easy way to break in. There is no right answer. Never forget to be true to who you are and measure success on your terms. I chose to be right to the world and somehow I landed a foot in the door. Now I am learning more about myself before I walk through it. You must walk with confidence in who you are. If you don’t believe who you are, how can you expect anyone else to? Have faith!!! And do everything from the heart.
10. What keeps you so grounded, humble, real, and down to earth?
You MUST take time for yourself yes, but what people don’t understand is you must also be present. Present in the world around you. Look up! Fall in love as it comes! Compliment and bring joy to others! Nothing feels better or feeds the heard and mind like bringing a sense of calm or joy to others. And as an artist these are the things you write and sing about. These are your stories. If that doesn’t help the gym and meditation daily helps!
Thank you so much Jordan for taking time out!
Linnea’s Intimate Project: The King Edition — May 17, 2019

Linnea’s Intimate Project: The King Edition

I asked a group of men and women the same exact questions, in order to gain different perspectives and understanding on Relationships and Sex. Here are the questions I asked and here’s what the Kings had to say…


Jamell Crouthers-Author, Poet, Podcaster

1. What’s your recipe for a healthy and successful  relationship? 
I would say trust, honesty, communication, being self-aware of yourself and who you are, having a sense of yourself and not depending on your partner for happiness.
2. Why do you think men in general have a hard time communicating their feelings? 
You have to take the time to look at how society is structured and the messages being told to us. Being strong, don’t emote, hold it together, be a leader. It’s hard to emote when from a young age, you can’t even do it.
I’ll give you a basic scenario of a young boy who falls and hurts himself and he cries, how many times have you heard, toughen up, you’ll be fine. We don’t let young boys emote so that becomes instilled in their minds that they can’t be open, vulnerable and sensitive. It’s looked at as being soft.
Then a child grows into a man and they’re listening to the world and how women want a tough, strong man and we take that as we can’t be too emotive and sensitive so there are a lot of factors that play into it, those are just some examples.
That’s why I address that in  the books I write because the messages being conveyed to us are all wrong.
3. Some people still believe in love at first sight and even marriage at first sight. Do you think the length of time you’ve known/met a person is a huge deciding factor in regards to making a commitment to them? Does it really matter? And why or why not? 
Yes and no. I’ve known people who were together 7-8 years before getting married and it works and some who have known each other a few months and get married and it works. It’s all in how the relationship starts. As my mother has instilled in me, “how a relationship begins, is how it will continue.”
It’s all situational honestly, it’s all in communication and showing who you really are and not a representation of who you want the person to think you are or perceives you to be.
4. Sex seems to play a major role in relationships. Should it play a major role and How important is the frequency of sex during the course of a relationship?
It should play a role but you have to be careful in how you word it. If sex is all you have a relationship, then there’s no substance and it will eventually end. There has to be shared interests, different interests, learning and growing with each other and having mentally stimulating conversations about life, goals, fears and a plethora of others things that you both may find important.
5. Some couples have been together for a very long time and they’ve had sex probably hundreds of times. How can a couple keep it spicy in the bedroom? 
Definitely having conversations about what you like and don’t like. Listening to each other during sex and seeing what stimulates them and working off of that. A perfect example, if you’re both into role play, then you’re doing those things to keep it fun and interesting. Communicating that will keep things fun and interesting.
Donte V.-Realtor, Investor
1. What’s your recipe for a healthy and successful  relationship? 


A good relationship requires three things communicating, dating, and understanding how their partner wants to be loved. Communication is important but if you aren’t comprehending the message your partner is trying to communicate or your partner isn’t able to communicate their message, your relationship is destined to fail. Dating is sometimes underrated; especially when you have a career and kids. Dating is the driving force behind two people getting together. There are few people (if any) that entered a relationship without spending time together. Dating helps in maintaining a relationship long term.  People in general require different things to happy. Take time to figure out what makes your partner happy and communicate what makes you happy.


2. Why do you think men in general have a hard time communicating their feelings? 

I think people have issues communicating. I think it starts with a person understanding themselves and what they are really feeling. It can be difficult to talk about the core cause of an emotion. For example, a husband may complain to their spouse about how they are upset with them for not cleaning, but the real issue may not be the cleaning.  It may be that the husband grew up in a household where his mom was more active in the house and not seeing their spouse clean doesn’t fit what he considers to be a good relationship.


3. Some people still believe in love at first sight and even marriage at first sight. Do you think the length of time you’ve known/met a person is a huge deciding factor in regards to making a commitment to them? Does it really matter? And why or why not? 

I believe the length of time you’ve known/met a person isn’t a huge deciding factor. I briefly met someone years ago and recently had the opportunity to know them better. Within a short period of time (a few months) I wanted to completely commit to that woman. I also had experiences where it took a few years before I wanted to completely commit to a woman. Its hard to deny a real connection. Some connections are immediate and others take time to build.


4. Sex seems to play a major role in relationships. Should it play a major role and How important is the frequency of sex during the course of a relationship?

This depends on the people in the relationship. I have a high sex drive so regular sex is important to me. The transferring of sexual energy with the one you love is one of the most amazing things to me; something I cannot get enough of.


5. Some couples have been together for a very long time and they’ve had sex probably hundreds of times. How can a couple keep it spicy in the bedroom? 

A couple will have to find a way to add variety and spontaneity to their sex life. Couples who has a strong sexual chemistry, who are sexually compatible, and open minded sexually should be able to keep things interesting.  Its all about understanding what is stimulating to you and your partner.

Kevin Williams-Investor
1. What’s your recipe for a healthy and successful  relationship?
A healthy relationship is a balance of spontaneity, trust, and fun. If you have all of these components, then you’ll never look elsewhere to be satisfied.
2. Why do you think men in general have a hard time communicating their feelings?
Men have a hard time communicating their feelings because we are consistently viewed as protectors and are always taught to be tough. Many times it’s hard to communicate our feelings because we take on this role and become numb to the realities of life. Showing feelings are almost always associated with weakness which we can’t or are encouraged not to show.
3. Some people still believe in love at first sight and even marriage at first sight. Do you think the length of time you’ve known/met a person is a huge deciding factor in regards to making a commitment to them? Does it really matter? And why or why not?
I personally dont believe in love at first sight, but I do believe the length of time that you’ve known person has a huge factor in making a commitment because you can’t build a bond with an individual that you dont know on a personal level. For instance, in my current relationship my girlfriend wanted a relationship before I did because I had to know for sure that she was who I actually wanted to commit to.
4. Sex seems to play a major role in relationships. Should it play a major role and How important is the frequency of sex during the course of a relationship?
I think it should play a major role in a relationship because if you’re not satisfied with your partner, you tend to look elsewhere. If you’re satisfied, there’s no reason to cheat. Frequency is Important because some people constantly want sex and some dont. In a relationship, it’s important to meet somewhere in the middle so that both people are satisfied.
5. Some couples have been together for a very long time and they’ve had sex probably hundreds of times. How can a couple keep it spicy in the bedroom?
Couples can keep it spicy by being open and spontaneous. If you have a sexual routine, it’s a problem. There should be no beginning middle or end, everything should happen naturally. Me myself, will feel a female out and try to cater to what she like, but will also show her a few things I like. If she’s not feeling it then I move on to something different. It’s all about feeling your partner out.


74A371FC-A815-467E-BC2E-19056E81AEA8Kenneth Lonesome-Crew Leader in Environmental Construction

1. What’s your recipe for a healthy and successful  relationship? 

There’s a lot of recipes to build a healthy and successful relationship, but I think it really starts with the ingredients. You gotta be happy first. Like, as an individual. Then you can have success in relationships. I can really say you need a lot of communication, a lot of sex and a lot of sacrifice and understanding. But all that aint gonna matter if you miserable on the inside. You gotta be happy with yourself first, then you can share each other’s when y’all get together. That will make it easier to talk problems thru, focus on taking care of each other and being vulnerable.

2. Why do you think men in general have a hard time communicating their feelings?

I think men communicate their feelings very well, we just don’t, and/or only show the anger feeling. LOL Girls were shown it was ok to show feelings. Boys weren’t. Girls didn’t get fussed at for crying, boys do. Boys get hurt and get told to brush it off and walk it off. Girls get comforted. I think that upbringing shows girls its ok to be open and ultimately talking about things that are on their mind, good or bad. As to boys, we a shown that our feelings often don’t matter, and we have to brush it off and walk it off. We feel like shit in a lot of cases, and a simple conversation could have helped us. But we know people don’t see men and vulnerability as a good thing. A grown woman could cry in the middle of the mall right now and people would run and help…mostly men probably. LOL But let a man burst into tears in that same spot. The police would be trying to comfort him.

3. Some people still believe in love at first sight and even marriage at first sight. Do you think the length of time you’ve known/met a person is a huge deciding factor in regards to making a commitment to them? Does it really matter? And why or why not?

If we are talking about marriage, time of knowing someone does matter. If we are talking just a relationship, then fuck time. Marriage, you need time. To see if yall will mesh. Because y’all doing this for a lifetime, so its key to do things like spend lots of time together, practice communicating with each other and marriage counseling. Ultimately, no amount of time will prepare you for it all. You wont know a person, really, until they are in those certain situations that will cause them to move a certain way. And that thing may happen 25 fuckin years down the line…ya never know.

4. Sex seems to play a major role in relationships. Should it play a major role and How important is the frequency of sex during the course of a relationship?

Sex is just as big a factor as communication. It needs to be to both parties satisfaction. AND both people need to be open to at least hear and talk about each other’s desires. Whether they down with them or not. Sex is major. Sex will keep you from sexing someone else. LOL

5. Some couples have been together for a very long time and they’ve had sex probably hundreds of times. How can a couple keep it spicy in the bedroom? 

Keeping it spicy is a challenge after so many years. I think there’s plenty of things you can do from toys to positions to foods, etc. I think just having a desire for the other will always keep your shit jumping for each other. I’ve seen old ass couple kiss all up on each other. I know they have a level of attraction to each other that has maintained over the years. And that helps I’m sure.

Interview with Dominique Loude! — May 16, 2019

Interview with Dominique Loude!



Dominique Loude has been dancing since the age of 10 which ultimately landed her a well deserved spot dancing alongside Beyoncé. Dominique is an inspiration to MANY and is building her own empire. She recently allowed me to interview her…

1. Where are you from?

Detroit, MI

2. At what age did you start dancing and How would you describe your dancing style?

I started dancing at the age of 10 but didn’t take it Seriously until I was 16. I would say I’m a pretty versatile dancer but my go-to is dancing in heels

3. What made you want to get into dancing?
I was a kid that did everything. From playing the piano to singing. One day I decided to take a dance class and the rest is history. I fell in love with it.
4. Who inspired you growing up?
Growing up my biggest inspiration was my mom because of how strong she was. I watched her endure so much pain and she never folded.
5. If you could only use 3 words to describe your experience on OTR2 tour, What words would you use?
Growth, love, and happiness
6. How has being on that tour impacted your life to this day?
This tour made me love myself more and realize that I deserve everything coming my way. It opened up more doors for me and changed my outlook on life period. Working with Beyonce made me realize the work is never done. There’s always more. More to give more to do. My work ethic was already crazy lol but now it’s like what’s next. I can always go harder.
7. What do you like to do in your free time?
I don’t have much free time but when I do I like to chill lol. Sometimes go out with my friends
8. What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a Professional Dancer?
Believe in yourself. Work like your already successful. Train train and more training!!! Do your homework! Stretch!
9. What keeps you so grounded, humble, real and down to earth?
I know where I come from and I know that as quick as something can be given it can be taken away!
10. Any new projects you’re working on and can tell us about?
Working on my dance line and looking for a building for my dance studio.
Thank you so much for taking time out and You are truly an inspiration to us all!
First Love — May 12, 2019

First Love

You’re the foundation of my heart and my soul. You carved a permanent legacy of strength in me that no one will ever be able to remove, even after I’m gone from this earth. You continue to show me a love that’s beyond unconditional. You’re the reason why I’ll never keep my head down and why I’ll never need validation. You’re the reason why I’ll never stop speaking out and standing up for myself when I’ve been wronged or wherever there is wrong. You found my voice when it was hiding from me and you showed me how to use it. You showed me how to make it work for me. You showed me how to make anything work for me. You’re the reason why I’ll never quit and why I’ll always find a way out of no way. You told me to trust God and he hasn’t let me down since. You keep me sane in this crazy land of the living and you’re the only one in this world who can ease my pain. Your voice is a calming voice of reason. I look to you to give me my raw truths and you never disappoint. No you’ve never disappointed me, ever. Where would I be without you Ma? I don’t know.  








Music Love — April 24, 2019

Music Love


I close my eyes…

You start to play and I put my headphones in. The sound travels through my ears and runs through my veins. I can feel you beating with my heart. Speak to me my love, I need to hear your words in order to get through my day, for your sounds soothe my soul into a more calming state. You allow me to travel back in time to my most memorable places and moments of comfort. I’ve discovered a permanent comfort in you as we’ve become one over the years. You’ve become my gateway to freedom. Free from what burdens my mind, body and spirit. Free from all anxiety, stress and pain. I can’t help but to carry you with me wherever I go. If given the chance, I would spend eternity with you.

Snake In My Tunnel — April 15, 2019

Snake In My Tunnel

I opened the door to my damp tunnel of pleasure and there he was. What a beautiful creature. What a beautiful sight to see. I invited him in and he came in on a smooth slither of excitement. I grabbed him with my hands and told him to follow me on the trail of soaked tracks. I led him all the way back into the depths of my darkness until he reached a dead end. He became aroused in shock and amazement by how deeply rooted the tracks were. He didn’t realize my tunnel was just as great as my land. He was most definitely enjoying himself. Exploring, twirling all around going in and out of the puddles of water that he kept discovering. That is…until he had enough. It seemed like he was convulsing at one point. It looked as if his soul was lost. He was satisfied with his visit. The night was over and he left. 

My Tribe — April 13, 2019

My Tribe

Cut from your cloth of strength. Strength that ceases every bound. I was groomed for resilience. Resilience was my only available option. I was made to persevere. Perseverance was a necessity. You planted seeds of greatness in me, that I am still growing closer to each day. You taught me to never quit. So I removed it from my vocabulary. You told me that I needed to be fearless. So I fear no one but God. I recieved and used all of the tools you gifted me with. I placed them in a treasure box and I carry them with me everywhere I go. So that I may use them indefinitely. 






Crown — April 10, 2019


While I was baking in my mother’s womb, little did I know about the life that awaited me on the outside. I didn’t know that I would have to go through so many obstacles in order to find my purpose. I didn’t know how much hurt I would have to endure in order to find my smile. I didn’t know that I would have to travel through so many dark trenches of struggle, pain and heartbreak. The journey was a treacherous one indeed. I could fill ten lakes with all the tears I’ve cried. But the crown that I was born with, kept me covered throughout. The crown shielded me. Though I wasn’t able to wear my crown immediately because I wasn’t ready to wear it. The crown has always been there and would later prove to serve a much greater meaning than my struggles. You see the crown was patiently waiting for me all these years and was meant for only me. No one else could fit it. No one else could steal it. Even if they had tried, the crown would’ve found its way back to me. The crown…MY CROWN! My crown was waiting for me to grow into it. My crown could see my revolution before I could see it. My crown realized my potential before I realized it. My crown knew my worth and my value before I knew it. My crown saw my strength. My crown already saw the purpose I was going to fulfill. My crown knew that I was destined for greatness. Today I wear my crown proudly, boldly, unapologetically and I’m sitting on my throne beautifully. It took me years to get here and I refuse to come down off my throne. However, if you’re ready I invite you to take a seat beside me!



Grass — April 4, 2019


I wanted to take a walk since the weather was so nice. I brought a blanket, my pen and a notepad with me because I wanted to find a new sanctuary where I could write. On my travels, I saw a field with beautiful green grass. I was so drawn to its fresh smell and well groomed appearance. So, I decided to explore it further. Where I come from, there are no fields of grass. Only dirt on top of more dirt mixed in with trash. Not to mention the fact, that the noise level in my home was beyond out of control!! Needless to say it was a very stunning sight to see. A sight that I have never been accustomed to. A change I greatly and so desperately needed. A change I welcomed with opened arms! As I was walking through the grassy field, I was so happy and smiling. I was consumed with tranquility. I could hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing slightly and it was warm. A sense of peace came over me like never before. I could hear myself think and I was calm. It just felt so good to have a change of scenery. I continued walking through the grass and found the perfect spot. I laid out my blanket, took out my pen and began writing. It was just me, plus nature and I loved it! It was a dream to be able to have such peace and quiet while trying to work on my first book. Nobody else was around. I thought maybe I was the first to discover this gem. After two hours of refreshing focus, I packed up my things and began retreating back to my residence. Mannnnnn…I couldn’t wait to return the next day. My new sanctuary! I started walking out of the field and heard a loud sound. But, I couldn’t make out what it was. So, I just kept on walking. Then, I heard it again, turned around and nothing. So, I started walking faster. Heard the sound again and I hauled ass! I was almost out of the field. Then, I saw a shadow, it looked like a person. I couldn’t really make it out that well and it was odd. I kept running towards it because I thought it was just some people which made me feel less panicked. However, the shadows kept multiplying and were coming towards me as I was running towards them. The closer I got, I knew something was off and I turned around running in the opposite direction. Only more shadows were coming at me from that direction as well. At this point I’m panicking and I needed to get out! They were closing in on me, surrounding me. Coming from every direction!! They were black shadows formed as people. Then all of sudden, I felt a hard pinch which made me scream out and I dropped to the ground crying in pain. I was sweating and going into a full blown anxiety attack! I closed my eyes praying this was all a dream, or maybe I was hallucinating and this couldn’t have been happening. I opened my eyes, the pain was gone and they were all gone. The shit was such a blur and I hauled ass again. This time I turned it up a notch like Flo Jo!!!! Finally, I made it back home. But the house was empty. I needed to tell someone what had just happened to me. Yet I knew no one would believe me. Really I don’t even know what happened to me myself. I walked up the steps stopping midway because I was in excruciating pain suddenly. The pain was coming from my leg, so I pulled up my pants leg and my leg was bleeding. It looked like something bit me. Turns out it was a snake bite and it landed me in the hospital for a week. Oh and the beautiful field I was in, was a crime scene just five years earlier. Go figure. 







Interview with Kimberly Elise! — March 23, 2019

Interview with Kimberly Elise!


Kimberly Elise is an award winning actress, entrepreneur, and a mother of two. She has portrayed some of the most powerful roles in films like Set it Off, Beloved, Woman Art Thou Loose, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and more! She is the founder of Kimberly Elise Naturals®, a line of hair products for natural hair, made of natural, and organic ingredients. She inspires me, and countless others! Recently, she took time out to allow me the opportunity to interview her. Check it out!! 


 1. Where are you from?

I’m originally from Minnesota.


2. What made you want to become an actress, and Have you always had a passion for acting?

Since I was a girl, I wanted to be an actress, an incredible dream for a simple girl growing up in Minnesota. I slowly nurtured my talent through school plays in high school and later on stage at Illusion Theater. Soon, I found work and could make a modest living in commercials in the Minnesota circuit before moving to Los Angeles with my baby (now my grown daughter and business partner!) and former husband, who sadly has since passed away.

3. How did Kimberly Elise Naturals ® come about, and Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Kimberly Elise Naturals® was drawn from a few sources of inspiration. When I went natural in 2012, I found that most of the products I was trying did not conform to my ethics as a vegan, nor were they very good for my hair. They were filled with Silicones, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, and Phthalates… These are not chemicals I want near my body.

Furthermore, my blog KimberlyElise.combrought in so many questions from women who were very similar to me, in the sense that they were experiencing many of the challenges that I was going through as I became acquainted with my own natural hair texture. I began studying cosmetic chemistry and experimenting with my own DIY recipes for my friends and family. Soon Kimberly Elise Naturals® was born!

Kimberly Elise Naturals® delivers clean beauty exclusively for you. Our formulations are made without Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, Paraffins, Phthalates, Petrolatum, and Drying Alcohols.2224D1AF-6BBC-4EB3-95F1-6C1CBD829BE8


4. What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about going natural?

I suggest beginning the journey with our Kinky Coily Care Kit, which is a 4-step moisturizing system for women with coarse, kinky, coily hair. Your hair will be extremely hydrated and soft and will be less prone to breakage. You can also check out my eBook “Mane Principles” Next, find your favorite protective styles. Right now, I”m wearing long twists!

5. What’s your hair care regimen?

“I personally choose not to use my own hair for film and television productions. My hair requires weekly cleaning and deep conditioning, so I keep a promise to myself to give my hair the nurturing and attention it needs…When I’m in production on a project, I complete my Sunday hair routine by braiding my hair into a protective style that will fit under any wig or hairpiece I may have to use for work that week. This allows me to keep my hair nurtured and protected. My stylist at work can easily do her job without concern of damaging my hair.” -Excerpt From: Kimberly Elise. “Mane Principles: Your Guide To Kinky Coily Natural Hair Care.”

6. What advice would you give to someone wanting to become an actress/actor, and wanting to start a business or both?

Start by finding your authentic joy and love for the creation. Don’t put too much pressure on your dreams, just find joy in the experience of acting/creating. Start small: 10-minutes to an hour per day is perfect. Write, produce and edit short films to gain experience in front of and behind the camera. Meditate on the vision you wish to create, claim it as yours and deliver it to the universe. Keep your dreams private, don’t let people trample on them.

7. What keeps you so real, humble, grounded, and down to earth?

I’m from Minnesota, and honestly, we’re very humble grounded people because of the cold weather. Also, my family keeps me in check!

8. Any new projects coming up, that you’re working on, and can tell  us about?  

Thank you so much for your time! ❤️

Make sure you check it out!