My soul is the keeper of my words. It tells me what to write, what to say. I can’t control what it concocts. I move when it tells me to. I move wherever it tells me to. When it compels me, I listen. The sound is deep. I am its vessel designed by intricate parts. Lined with complexities and substance. Are you receiving this? When my soul starts speaking to me, the noise outside begins to suffocate. The world outside no longer exists. The feeling is divine. My soul speaks a language that I understand more than my native tongue. It’s solid. It recognizes the good and the bad energies. I rely heavily on my soul to lead me and I am in tuned. If you want to get to know me, you must bring depth to the table and match my soul at eye level. Then, I will let you know if we approve or not.




To all my Fellow Bloggers who participated in Blogmas, WELL DONE!!!! It is not easy coming up with 25 Blog Posts and to be clear I had only planned out some of these posts. For most of them, I was just winging it, and I did not stick to only holiday themed posts. It’s especially hard to meet such a challenge, if you have lots of other things on your plate of life. I almost quit a few days back LOL!! I attempted Blogmas last year and I failed. But this year I completed the challenge, and what an awesome challenge it was! I’m proud of myself and you should be proud of yourself!!! If you took the time out to read my Blog, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I hope you enjoyed my creativity, expressions and thoughts. My hope as with any of my Blog Posts, is that you leave here inspired, motivated, that your thoughts are provoked, and maybe you’re a little hot and bothered LOL! I thoroughly enjoyed this, and now I will be taking a break from this Blog!!

Now, it’s time for me to enjoy Christmas and spend time with my family!❤️


M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S!!!!!!!!!

B E W E L L!!!!!

Egg Nog



I have an addiction. It just tastes so good. It’s a unique taste. It requires a mature tongue with an acquired taste. It warms my palate and the warmth trickles right down into my throat. It’s an aphrodisiac that you shouldn’t knock until you’ve tried it. It’s refreshing and satisfying. It’s beneficial in producing and reproducing. Oh, it has many great benefits. It’s something I need daily. It’s my daily medicine. I have an addiction. 


I’m addicted to Egg Nog.





Do you have a Fake Friend in your circle?

We’ve all had a fake friend or two or three. You really have to pay close attention to the company that you keep. Fake friends tend to slip right underneath your nose without detection most of the time. It’s easy to miss because they usually appear and pretend to be something they’re not. They do it so well because they have perfected their fraudulent craft. The million dollar questions are, How can you tell if your friend is fake and is showing you fake love? Well it’s simple kind of.

  • Have they ever given you several backhanded compliments? For example they may say to you, “I love your outfit today. You look so much better with your makeup on.” For the record, there is a difference between telling your friend the truth and being shady. You get my drift!
  • Do they act totally different towards you around other people?
  • Do they treat you differently around other people?
  • Do they constantly try to compete with you?
  • Does it seem as if they judge every single thing that you do?
  • Have they ever betrayed you?
  • Have they ever lied to you?


If you’ve answered yes to some or all of these questions, you probably have a “fake friend” in your circle. The thing is, most fake friends are also disloyal, shady, jealous, envious, and they were never really fond of you to begin with. It’s twisted actually which is why you must pay close attention. People will always show you who they are. Though it isn’t always evident right away. But the signs are there. This kind of friend can be dangerous. Jealousy mixed in with envy can equal trouble for you. Make sure you reevaluate your circle of friends and readjust if necessary.

Christmas Queen






I’m finally getting into the Christmas spirit. My family suffered a huge loss this year and life hasn’t been the same. The people who know me personally, know me as “The Christmas Queen” lol. I’ve been this way since I was a young child. My mother is the same exact way. When I think back to my childhood, joy and happiness always come to mind. My mother always made sure I had the best Christmas each and every year. I LOVE this time of year!! There is nothing like Christmas decorations, decorating the tree, drinking hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies, eating good food, and exchanging gifts. I love wearing Christmas inspired earrings and participating in Ugly Sweater contests which I usually win LOL. I love getting my nails done with a Christmas color or two. This year I had to have some red (shout out to my friend Shae aka Hairstyles By Shae who did my nails) white and black. All I need now is some snow! LOL Yes I want a White Christmas. But sadly, there will not be any snow showing up this year on Christmas according Jonathan’s weather report. Jonathan is a Meteorologist. Maybe next year!!!

Be Well!


2020 Bucket List



I can’t believe we’re pretty much at the the end of 2019. It was a year filled with ups and downs. I lost my beloved Aunt C. I received a promotion on my job. I had to cut off some friends who were never really friends. A thousand people listened to my podcast which I’m happy about. That’s a thousand people that I reached and possibly inspired which is always one of the goals.

I’m walking into 2020 on full speed. I have so many plans, goals, and more dreams. Here’s a list.

  • Travel more. I want to see unfamiliar places and try new foods. California is up first. I would love to go on a Eat Pray Love type of journey.
  • Create and sell merchandise. I want to build my brand and create positive, empowering, and inspirational creative merchandise.
  • Release my book. I’m going to release my Erotic Thriller Novel. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be made into a movie later on down the line. Anything is possible.
  • Purchase a house. This I am determined to do!
  • Step up my Podcast game. I’m getting a new mic and some other equipment. It’s all good now, but there is always room for improvement. Also, I still don’t know if I’m completely ok with my Podcast cover art.
  • Healthy Diet and Workout. I’ll be continuing my Healthy eating and weight loss journey. I want to lose in total 25-30 pounds. I already lost 10.
  • Reconnect and create a solid bond with my sisters. We share the same Father.
  • Attend concerts. I love music and I want to see it and feel it live.
  • Go ice skating and skiing.

That’s it for now.




I’ve always been a researcher. I don’t take the words of others to mind permanently nor do I take it to heart. I like to seek my own answers. Recently, Trump was impeached. The word impeachment brought excitement and pure joy to most. Lots of people (NOT ALL) immediately took to social media to express their elation because they understood that to mean, he would be removed from office effective immediately. Not knowing or understanding that it’s a process. Impeachment is great and all. But now it must move to the Senate, and they will make the final decision for actual removal. The Republicans control that house which means he most likely won’t actually be removed. Unfortunate, yes. It seems that many people are not very in tuned with politics and how it operates. You should know that I used to be the same way. Politics was so boring to me and I felt like it didn’t affect me. I could’ve cared less! Now that my mentality has changed, I view politics quite differently. I view the world differently. Through time consuming research, I learned that in fact, it is an extremely important piece to life’s puzzle. It does affect me and it does affect you which brings me to the point of this post. If you don’t understand something, If you are questioning something that someone has told you, do your own research. You never have to accept one answer to anything. I’m not saying that you have to heavily indulge in politics. You don’t have to watch CNN all day or keep up with every single update. I’m simply saying at least research and learn how politics operate so that you can be knowledgeable. Knowledge is Power. I’m saying to simply learn how it affects you. Honestly, as with anything you should want to be well informed. I sure do!!!


Be Well!