Queens V

B4628FBF-4672-4F51-B87C-64A3FB89B4B9She really needs no introduction. But let me tell you a little something about her…

She is a unique treasure. A gem of a beauty and  filled with sparkling passion. When in rare form, she holds the power to eat you up and spit you out if she so chooses. IF SHE CHOOSES. She smells like a meadow growing berries and other sweet fruits of her magnetic labor. The meadow has never seen a drought and knows no drought. She can run a marathon of sturdy circles around you without ever growing tired. The most seasoned marathon runner can’t even hold a flame to her. There is no one quite like her. She houses a suction of magical kryptonite. She is hypnotic. She is powerful. She is great. An aphrodisiac. Your only drug of choice. She is not of this world. Fair warning…

If she invites you in and you oblige. Well…if you enter the great walls of her. If she gets a hold of you, you will forever be changed. Be careful love.




Happy Now

When I awake in the mornings, there is a peaceful noise. There is a permanent smile that appears to have awaken within me. I’ve never felt a smile quite like this one before. Well…I have in my dreams a few times. It’s so powerful, for it to have reached my soul, powerful. My soul is smiling so vibrantly. I can’t seem to contain my excitement or my energy. My energy is not just good. It’s electric and it’s a shock to me. I can only imagine what it will do once I’m in the company of others. Maybe it will latch onto them and work its wonderful magic. The dark clouds might still come around but I can’t acknowledge them anymore. I’m too full on peace and happiness. The sun drowns out the clouds and is always shining so bright wherever I go. I put my trust into the trail of sunshine and now I’m shining. I’m floating because I feel lighter. I’m free and I’m happy now. 


How did I reach my “Happy Now”? I’m doing what makes me happy. Oh and I removed toxic beings & things from my life.



Be Well!



She opens up her mouth, spits out words that’ll shake the core of your soul. She speaks empowering words of power and they cut deep. Skin deep, seeping into your pores, leaving an unforgettable, everlasting imprint of impression. When she speaks, the world stands still. The world listens for there is no noise, only a soft wind blows. When she speaks, it’s an outer body experience. When she speaks, you listen. She speaks in angelic tongue, heavenly even. Her mouth is filled to capacity in depth and serves as a strong source of substance. Her mouth is the only force to be reckoned with. So tread lightly darling.



Book Review/June

I will be doing MONTHLY book reviews just FYI. I love to read!!


I just finished reading Petals of Truth by Author LaToya Spencer. The words not only spoke to me. They spoke to my heart and my soul. I appreciated her transparency and relatable expressions. It’s filled with encouraging quotes and beautiful poetry that helps you to understand and to know that you are not beyond repair. If you have been through heartbeak, or abuse. If you lack self love, have low self esteem, or if you’ve ever been through struggles. ANYTHING!! This book gives you hope. I found myself talking out loud alot to myself lol reading it because I could deeply relate to what she has been through in life. I really enjoyed it! Check it out and Support this Queen!! You can purchase her book on Amazon and Find her on Instagram @toyaandrea



Women are beautiful beings.

Women are wonderfully made.

Women are strong beings.

Women are brave beings.

Women are smart beings.

Women are sensual beings.

Women are lovers and nurturers.

But why can’t some of us get along?

Why can’t we work together?

Why can’t we support and lift each other up?

Why can’t we compliment each other?


We can’t because some of us are damaged.
We can’t because some of us have been abused.
We can’t because some of us can’t shake that jealousy bone.
We can’t because some some of us are insecure.
We can’t because some of us are miserable and want company.
We can’t because some of us don’t love who we see in the mirror.
We can’t because some of us can’t see the beauty in ourselves.
We can’t because  some us refuse to admit that we are in fact problematic.
We can’t because some of us have not yet come to realize our worth.
We can’t because some of us don’t understand or see our value.
We can’t because some of us are being treated poorly on a regular basis. We can’t because we think if we shine a light on her, it’ll dim our own light.


We can fix it though. But, we cannot fix how we interact with one another until we fix ourselves first. We have to take accountability, and responsibility. We will never get to a place of togetherness, if we cannot admit there is a problem to begin with. In order to fix it, we have to head straight over to the mirror.

Go to the mirror and look at her.
Tell her she is beautiful!
Tell her how much you love her with all her flaws and all.
Tell her that she deserves the best!
Tell her that you’re proud of her!
Tell her to never settle! Tell her it’s ok to compliment other women.

Tell her to keep going and to never give up!
Tell her that being cheated on, being abused is not the norm, and that it is unacceptable!
Work on HER, for we ALL are works in progress! Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to heal.

Ladies we can move mountains together! Let us all do better!

Be Well! 🙂