Merry Cookies Part 2



4A76C500-0DA8-4BE7-9714-A5AD23A03EBE.jpegHe was on the floor and his face was red. I kneeled down to check his pulse. His heart was still beating and he was still breathing. Thank God!! But he was definitely out cold. Just as I was stood up, my vision got blurry. I didn’t  know what the hell was happening, but it wasn’t right. Everyone else had already left I guess. I looked around the room to see if I saw Daren, Mike, and Merry Nicole. They were no where near in sight. I tried to get to my purse because my cellphone was in there. I needed to call someone for help. I left it at the table. I could barely see where I was going. Then, I tripped over something. It was something big and I fell on my arm. It was surreal and I felt like I was dreaming. I wished it were a dream because turns out I tripped over Mike. Mike was laid out on the floor just like Jay. His face was as red as Rudolph’s nose. I slowly inched my way closer to him to feel for his vitals. He was still alive. I was afraid at that point. I didn’t understand what was happening. I was confused. At that moment, my arm was hurt badly. Jay and Mike were both unconscious. My vision was fading more and more. I managed to find enough strength to get back up, and I was determined to make it to my phone. It was so hard because I couldn’t see which was weird. Finally, I made it to my purse and picked up my phone. I started dialing out and my phone flew out of my hand, and across the room. I screamed so loud!!! I screamed from the pits of my soul. I was beyond scared now. My vision was completely gone, and I started having a full blown panic attack. My heart was racing, skin was clammy, my breathing became rapid. I felt like I was dying. Then a faint voice whispered to me, “It’s ok” “It’ll be ok.” I’m still panicking. The voice gets louder and says “You’ll be fine”, and I immediately recognized the voice. It was Merry Nicole. I called out to her and begged her to help me. Her response shocked me. She said, “No.” “What is going on Merry Nicole and Where is Daren?”, I yelled!! I felt a hand massaging my hair. “You’re going to be ok. It’ll wear off soon enough. I just needed to see who was worthy.” “What? Merry Nicole What are you talking about?!”, I angrily asked.

“Just listen to me for a moment. I needed to find the one. The virgin. Daren is the one and you can no longer see him. He is invisible now like me, for I was only a figment of your vivid imagination. My name is not Merry Nicole. It’s Nia. You see…my virginity was taken away from me and I was murdered. I’ve been stuck in between worlds ever since. My soul can’t rest. It gets lonely here, and I was tired of being lonely. So, I decided to find a virgin that I could spend eternity with since my virginity was so brutally taken. I used to work in the same building that you all currently work in. In fact, I was murdered there. I allowed myself to be seen. I observed and planned for years. The chocolate chip cookies were drenched in poison and filled with specific ingredients to draw out the virgin. The sugar cookies were filled with a milder poison. Daren proved to be the one. He didn’t survive my cookies, and now I have someone to spend all of my eternity with. My soul can rest now. The poison will soon wear off of you, Jay, and Mike. You will not remember me or anything at all.”

Merry Cookies Part 1



Every year, Merry Nicole cooks the best batch of chocolate chip cookies for the Annual Holiday office party. This year, I just knew it would be no different. Her cookies were quite popular. She could bake her butt off! Merry Nicole didn’t have much of a personality, she was odd, shy, and her wardrobe was hard to stomach. She was always fully covered head to toe. She wore dark colors, glasses, and flat shoes. Her hair was always in a messy bun. She was pretty though. She had naturally beautiful skin, and beautiful dark brown eyes. Her behavior was awkward at times. I mean…there’s always one or two at each workplace lol. But she more than made up for it with those cookies. So, I’m at the party and the place is getting packed. Not too packed because there’s not many of us at all. The party was always held at a small hall which was perfect for us. Merry Nicole is nowhere to be found which is strange because she always shows up extra early to set up her cookie spread. Two hours passed by, and she still hadn’t arrived. The party started at six. It was now eight, and still no sign of her. I asked around to see if anyone had called her. Daren from our Claims Department tried, but she didn’t answer. I decided to have a few glasses of white wine, and started dancing the night away with my other co workers. Things were getting wild! Sharon from our IT Department was on top of one of the tables, doing a mild striptease number lol. What else was new lol? Mike from our Call Center was having a dance off against Jay from Maintenance. Jay was killing it! The strobe lights were going. GOGO music was playing in the background from a stereo. It was a great time!! Everybody was free and enjoying one another. It was the one time we all could let loose. I was about five glasses in and in comes GUESS WHO? The music stopped playing, and I almost didn’t recognize her. It was Merry Nicole. She had on this little black fitted dress with black heels. Her hair was let down and filled with spiral curls. She had these perky c cups, a firm bottom, a very nice body. She was slim thick. I wanted to form words, but I couldn’t. We all were in a state of shock, and couldn’t believe our eyes. I’ve worked with this woman for eight years, and I never really saw her. That night we all saw her. Not only did she come in looking stunning, she was pulling a cart with 2 medium sized containers of cookies piled on! After we finished gawking at her, we all finally conjured up some words. We all greeted her, and told her how beautiful she looked, and how we couldn’t wait to indulge in her delicious cookies. She wasn’t a woman of many words. Needless to say, she didn’t say much. She pulled her cart up to the table, and began to place the cookies on the table, still in the containers of course. When she was finished, we all bum rushed the cookies. Daren, Jay, and Mike bogarted their way to the front which was rude! I expected nothing less from them! They all grabbed a handful each of cookies. Oh and did I mention these fools are the only men in our office, and they are all equally handsome? Yes indeed! So back to the party. Finally, it was my turn to get some cookies, and I couldn’t contain myself. Only there were no chocolate chip cookies left. She made the same cookies faithfully every single year, and they were all gone. However, there were what looked to be sugar cookies left. I asked her what happened to all the chocolate chip cookies, and she said the men took them all. The men AKA the fools aforementioned. I was annoyed mostly because I was a creature of habit. You know how it is when you have your mouth watered, and set for something? Yes that was me. Anyways, I decided to try the sugar cookies even though I preferred the other ones. In all honesty, they were so delicious. They were VERY delicious, actually. I ate about three…four…ok I ate six!! At this point, I was full and everyone was winding on down. Merry Nicole was across the room talking to Jay, Daren, and Mike. I was heading over to be nosey because she didn’t talk much, and I wanted to hear what she was saying. Then, all of a sudden hot flashes came over me, my stomach was turning, and I just didn’t feel well. I needed to go take a bathroom break. I ran down the hallway, and ran into the bathroom. Thank goodness the bathroom was empty. I rushed into the stall, and threw up, and I felt so much better. I collected myself, splashed water all over my face, washed my hands, and took a deep breath. I made my way back to the party. I turned the corner and I saw Jay on the floor. He was…


To be continued tomorrow…..

Care For What?


Why do you care about what others think about you? Why do you let other people’s opinions about you dictate what you do, and how you move in YOUR LIFE?! It is impossible to please everyone. Who has time for that? You have to make peace with the fact that, there are some people who will never love you, care about you, like you, or support you. They could care less if you’re successful or not. They’re not obligated to.  They just don’t care and the sooner you realize that. The closer you’ll be to mental freedom. If you continue to allow people to have that kind of control over you, you will not travel far in life. You will not! I know that some people don’t like my Blog, Podcast, and maybe they won’t like my book. However, I’m still going to Blog. I’m still going to record Podcast episodes, and I’m still going to release my book. Yes, I’m going to keep doing and keep going. At the end of the day, I am in control of my life, and I’m doing this for me. I’m doing what I love, what makes me happy, and I am in charge of my own happiness. I don’t have room to entertain other people’s negative thoughts and opinions about me. I refuse to let it hinder me into suffering. You shouldn’t either. People are entitled to their own opinions, but you are in control of how you receive them.

Do what you want and drown out the unsolicited noise!

Black Kings



Dear Young Black Kings,

You should know that you are a threat to society. A strong threat because they fear your mind and its capabilities. If used properly and to it’s highest potential, it can surpass the likes of MLK, Malcolm X, Matthew Henson, Dr. Charles Drew, and other great Kings who came before you. Use your resources wisely, Young King. You should know that using your resources in conjunction with your mind equals an intelligent cocktail, that will prove to be explosive, and they know this. They know that once you discover your power, you can awaken the masses, and they will move to your beat. They will listen to you and rise up, and hang on to your words of wisdom. You will be unstoppable. Young King, the streets have not a care nor an ounce of love for you. You have a target on your back, so you must move different. You must move smart. I love you! We love you! Your daughters need you and your sons need you. Your Queens need you!


With Love,


Guess What?



1. I don’t listen to Christmas Music unless it’s playing in the background of a movie, or a show. I was never fond of Christmas music. Some of it is actually quite depressing.

2. I’m obsessed with watching The ID channel, First 48, Snapped, and Fatal Attraction. These shows constantly remind me just how crazy people truly are! Smh

3. My favorite books to read are Erotic Novels and Autobiographies. These types of books keep my attention.

4. I love watching Dearra and Ken’s Vlogmas every year on Youtube. They’re such a cute, fly, and successful couple! Black Love!

5. I love when it snows. Especially when I don’t have to go to work.

6. When I was younger, I wanted to be a gymnast. I wanted to be just like Dominique Dawes, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

7. I don’t like crowds.

8. I’d rather shop online. I don’t like going into stores.

9. I tried to be a Vegan once which only lasted about 30-45 minutes lol. Disgusting! lol

10. I refuse to eat anything after 8 pm.

11. I’m not a huge fan of salt. I like my food seasoned and everything, but I don’t love salt.

12. I love watching Boxing. It’s something about men with muscles beating each other to a pulp. That doesn’t sound nice.

13. I play GTA in order to relieve stress lol. That’s bad, I know.

14. I love watching Body Building competitions.

15. It only takes me to feel one wrong vibe. I’m straight out after that.

16. 95 percent of my wardrobe is filled with dark colors. I love dark colors.

Well, that’s all I’m willing to share!!!



Tell me a fun fact about yourself in the comments below!



Treasure Letter


Dear Young Queens,   

You are a QUEEN and you should carry yourself as such. You have a crown and you sit on a throne. A throne that has been kept warm by other Queens who came before you. You should know that you are special. You should know that you’re worth more than gold. You are a rare beauty and you come from long lines of rare beauties. Your soul is unmatched and fluorescent. You are a treasure QUEEN, and you are meant to be treasured. You’re powerful beyond measure. You just need to discover it, and use your power. You don’t need validation from others. You just need to validate yourself. You don’t need his love if he doesn’t want you to have it. You need to find self love, love yourself first, and foremost. There is no greater love. In case you didn’t know all of this already, let this serve as your constant reminder.









Food Love



Why is food so darn good? I just want to eat what I want and not gain a pound! I want french fries, fried chicken seasoned to perfection, vanilla cake, ice cream, snickerdoodle cookies, donuts, orange soda, and more! I’m tired of counting calories dammit! I want to live in a food bubble with a nice spread filled with my favorite junk foods, and eat to my heart’s desire with no consequences to my health. This would be amazing right? Then, I woke up…

My reality is that I have to watch what I eat daily. I can’t indulge like I used to. Though it’s difficult around the Holidays, it’s necessary. Recently, I found out that my sugar, and cholesterol levels are both a little on the high side. Not high enough that I need medication, thank God! However, high enough that I have to pay more attention, and watch what I ingest. I have to pay more attention to the labels, and I have to control my portions better. I also struggle with Thyroid problems at times, but that’s a whole different post. When my doctor delivered the news, my reply was, ” Well they keep bringing cakes in the office. I can’t just be rude and decline. I have to eat some”. Of course I was joking lol!!! The truth of my matter is, I was eating way too many sweets, drinking way too many sodas, and I didn’t care. I was eating too much fast food (mostly at work during lunch) and not drinking enough water. I’m an emotional eater, and I’ve always been that way. Comfort foods are comforting. No it’s not an excuse, this is my truth. I have moments where I get stressed and overwhelmed. Then, I’ll get some food, or a snack and it calms me. I know what you’re thinking. This is sounding very much like My 600LB Lifeish LOL. I can assure you that I have never been anywhere close to 600 pounds, and I would NEVER allow myself to get anywhere near 600 pounds. At the same time, I’m not bashing those folks because it is a mental problem, and I understand. Food is just so good. It is, but not good enough for me to play around with my health. With all that being said, or written rather, I have been eating much better, and I have even lost seven pounds in the process. Actually, I’d like to lose twenty pounds in total. I’ve been eating Turkey Burgers, Tuna Fish, Salmon, Brown Rice, Walnuts, Cauliflower Pizza, drinking more water, and more veggies. It’s awful LOL!! No, it’s just not what I’m used to. So, if you are eating unhealthy like I was, you can change it around. In fact, you should change it around. It’s very hard, but not impossible. It can even be frustrating because you’re not seeing the results as quickly as you’d like to. It gets better and you can do it. Patience is important. Now this is not to say, that you have to completely deprive yourself of all the foods you love. You can certainly plan a cheat meal and just watch your portions. Staying in good health is imperative.




“Health is Wealth”

Be well!