First Love

You’re the foundation of my heart and my soul. You carved a permanent legacy of strength in me that no one will ever be able to remove, even after I’m gone from this earth. You continue to show me a love that’s beyond unconditional. You’re the reason why I’ll never keep my head down and why I’ll never need validation. You’re the reason why I’ll never stop speaking out and standing up for myself when I’ve been wronged, or wherever there is wrong. You found my voice when it was hiding from me and you showed me how to use it. You showed me how to make it work for me. You showed me how to make anything work for me. You’re the reason why I’ll never quit and why I’ll always find a way out of no way. You told me to trust God and he hasn’t let me down since. You keep me sane in this crazy land of the living and you’re the only one in this world who can ease my pain. Your voice is a calming voice of reason. I look to you to give me my raw truths and you never disappoint. No you’ve never disappointed me, ever. Where would I be without you Ma? I don’t know.  








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