Thy Creative Life

As a creative, I can relate to you in many ways. We had dreams of becoming the people we have become today. We dreamed about doing all of the things that we are actually doing right now. We’ve finally locked eyes with success.

Yet we often feel dissatisfied with our progress. We’ve stayed up for hours upon hours working, writing, editing, building, recording, and designing. We’ve been crying, sweating, balancing, thinking, investing, stressing, and sacrificing. This is what we’ve asked for, prayed for, and manifested. So what’s our problem? Only it’s not one problem, it’s a plethora of problems that we’ve created in our minds for ourselves. The success and support we envisioned looks quite different up close, and personal. The money is lack luster. It’s not exactly what we expected. Mainly because we’ve been consuming false narratives as it pertains to both success, money, and support on social media. We’ve been comparing what we are doing, what we have, and how far we’ve gotten to how much further our peers have gotten, what they have, and what they are doing. It’s leading us down a fraudulent path of believing that we’ve come far but not far enough. Guess what? THIS is what sets us back. THIS way of thinking is what stunts our growth. I’ve learned not to do this, ever. Success looks different for all of us. Support looks different for all of us. Support is not measured by having millions of followers. It is measured by the genuine quality of followers, and consumers. Success is also not measured by how big our bank accounts are, how big our homes are, how big our businesses are or how many followers we have. It is measured by our progress, and our accomplishments no matter how big or how small. It is about setting a goal, a plan, and executing it. If your goal was to clean the entire house today, and today you completed that task, you have succeeded. If your goal was to start writing a book today, and today you started chapter one, you have succeeded. If your goal was to lose five pounds by the end of the month, and by the end of the month, you shed five pounds, you have succeeded. You don’t have to have six figures, own a business, live in a mansion, travel around the world or have flashy clothes to be considered successful. This is the chronic problem in today’s society. Society equates success to being featured in Forbes. These things are very nice, but you are not required to set these specific goals for yourself, in order to be at a top level. May this be embedded into your minds. We all have different goals, and are at different stages of our lives. There is no way our journeys can look alike even if we work in the same fields. The difference always lies in the actual individual who is delivering the products, services, content, and the work in general. With all this being said, refrain from comparing your success to someone else’s. Please know that everything that you are doing is something to be proud of. What was once a part of your dreams, is now your reality and it’s because of the work that you’ve been putting in. That always counts for everything. This is not a race nor a contest. This is about you and your life. This is about what you want, and what you can live with. This is about your comfortability, and what you are capable of. This is about your personal purpose, your potential, and how you want to exercise it. You cannot figure it all out by watching others. You must look within. You have every right to be fed up, scream or cry, but don’t ever give up. Do not give up something that you truly love doing because you’re experiencing a temporary moment of frustration.

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