The Absentee Father

Dear Absentee Father,

I’m not saying you can’t see your child and I would never keep him from you. I would never deny you that right because my father was never around for me and I’ve always yearned for that kind of love. The kind of love that only a father could give and I wanted to give back the kind of love that only a daughter could give. So why would I ever want to deny our child that kind of love? Deny one of my many reasons for living, their right?! Their right to have a relationship with their father?!! Deny that kind of love? No, I only want to do what’s best for our child. I only want to see our child happy because our baby being happy is what I strive for and it means more than the world to me. It’s what keeps me going and gives me a reason to KEEP going. I just want you to be consistent because children need consistency. Human beings in general need consistency. I just want you to keep your promises. I just want you to be honest and to keep our child safe. But more importantly, I just hope, wish, and pray that you would understand. Understand that I am trying! God only knows I’m trying my hardest to make sure our child never ever wants for anything. I’m trying to make sure our child is fed, bathed, clothed, and has a roof over their head. I’m trying to make sure our child goes to school everyday so that they can one day become successful. So that our child surpasses us both like only he should. I’m trying to show our child the world while simultaneously trying to give our child the world, AND trying to keep him safe from it. I’m working hard at not one but two jobs, trying to survive, and trying to stay above water. I’m just trying to maintain. Don’t you understand? Can you acknowledge that? Yes…yes…Acknowledgement is rare, few, and far between. I’m a damn good mother to our child! At least try to understand why and where I’m coming from because I am indeed coming from a real place. A real place of anger and frustration mixed in with love. Anger because you treat me like a stranger who’s trying to kidnap the child we share together, and hold him in captivity indefinitely. You don’t listen or at least not with the intent to understand. Frustrated because you think I’m coming from a bitter place and love. Well…love because we did lay down together AND we did create a beautiful being. A beautiful being who looks just like the both of us. You see…love was once upon a time for us and let us never forget. However, I have moved on and I know that you have as well which is great. I only want what’s best for our child.

Oh and by the way. Your money is all good yes, for it will help with material things. Yet it will never be the driving force when it comes to raising our child the right way, with morals, values, and all. Money can’t buy all the tools that we need to give him in order to orchestrate his survival mentally in this evil world. Money can only go so far and can only buy so much when it comes to our mental, our physical, and our emotional well being. I just want you to be…no I NEED you to be present.  Consistently present.


Every mother out there who feels misunderstood
Every mother out there who has been labeled “bitter” Every mother out there who is doing her best and for Every mother out there who is tired and stressed.

Peaceful Coparenting is all I’m after love. Peace&Blessings

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