Guess What?



1. I don’t listen to Christmas Music unless it’s playing in the background of a movie, or a show. I was never fond of Christmas music. Some of it is actually quite depressing.

2. I’m obsessed with watching The ID channel, First 48, Snapped, and Fatal Attraction. These shows constantly remind me just how crazy people truly are! Smh

3. My favorite books to read are Erotic Novels and Autobiographies. These types of books keep my attention.

4. I love watching Dearra and Ken’s Vlogmas every year on Youtube. They’re such a cute, fly, and successful couple! Black Love!

5. I love when it snows. Especially when I don’t have to go to work.

6. When I was younger, I wanted to be a gymnast. I wanted to be just like Dominique Dawes, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

7. I don’t like crowds.

8. I’d rather shop online. I don’t like going into stores.

9. I tried to be a Vegan once which only lasted about 30-45 minutes lol. Disgusting! lol

10. I refuse to eat anything after 8 pm.

11. I’m not a huge fan of salt. I like my food seasoned and everything, but I don’t love salt.

12. I love watching Boxing. It’s something about men with muscles beating each other to a pulp. That doesn’t sound nice.

13. I play GTA in order to relieve stress lol. That’s bad, I know.

14. I love watching Body Building competitions.

15. It only takes me to feel one wrong vibe. I’m straight out after that.

16. 95 percent of my wardrobe is filled with dark colors. I love dark colors.

Well, that’s all I’m willing to share!!!



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Movie Cheer!


I love watching movies in general, but I really LOVE watching Christmas movies!!! They make me feel all happy and warm inside! I’m such a Christmas Queen LOL!

Here’s a list of my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!

1. A Christmas Story

2. Christmas with the Kranks

3. This Christmas

4. Home Alone 1 and 2

5. Santa Claus 1-3

6. Jingle All The Way

















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Black Christmas


Every year I pick a different theme for Christmas decorating. I love switching it up and doing different things. Who says you have to have a green tree? Is this a Christmas rule or something? I was never good at following rules. In fact, I was known for going against the grain quite often. This year I decided to put up a Black Christmas tree with silver ornaments, silver garland, and clear lights. I told my mother that I was putting up a Black tree and I wish I could show you all twenty of her facial expressions. It was as if I had committed a heinous Christmas crime LOL!! When I was younger with a less seasoned mentality and a closed mind, I always equated the color Black to only darkness, death, goth, Halloween, and somber feelings. Fast forward to today, and now that I have a more seasoned mentality and a wide opened mind, I view the color Black very differently. Black is beautiful, sexy, powerful, and chic! By definition though…



Wow! That’s very interesting. Black is multifaceted. Personally, I love the color Black and I wear it daily, boldly, and proudly. We also added a African American decorative tree topper and various African American decorations all around our home. We celebrate Black over here in every way for it is a gorgeous sight to see. Changing the narrative in any way we can. Dare to be different! Maybe next year I’ll do purple, gold, red, or orange. I can already see my mother giving me the side eye lol. Black is beautiful.

Here is a small look at our Christmas Tree!!