LBHW Interview Short w/ J. Brown!

J. Brown recently stopped by for a quick chat! Brown’s debut album, “Chapter & Verse” is to be released on May 20, 2022. Brown’s feel good music will take the world by storm. “Let’s get back to the real love and the music that really matters and means something.”- J.Brown

What led you into pursuing a career in music professionally?

My mother was my main influence.

What’s the inspiration behind your album “Chapter & Verse”?

Considering I’m a P.K Aka. Preachers kid I felt That incorporating where i come from and the journey that God has kept me on, it would ultimately make the perfect album title. The entire album is more than music, at the end of the day, it all comes down to Gods plan and where I come from.

What do you hope people will take away from this album? 

That it was worth listening to.

What’s your personal favorite song on the album and why?

 All of them. Reason being, every song has a piece of my personal life attached to it.

What are some other things you enjoy doing besides music? 

 Boxing, golfing, hiking, reading, parenthood and my family. 

Do you have any upcoming projects that we should look out for, if you can talk about it? 

I definitely do. Make sure you guys follow me for all updates. @Jbrownmusiconly

Thank you J. Brown!

Twitter: @JBrownMusicOnly
Instagram: @JBrownMusicOnly

For additional information on J. BROWN, please contact Ra-Fael Blanco at 2R’s Entertainment & Media PR for (The SRG/ILS Group) at 646.326.4803 or via email at

C V6

J Brown Chapter Verse Cover 2b

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