Shower us with Black Excellence Part 6!

Greatness lives in all of us. We just have to tap in! It’s important to me that I create spaces for all of us to shine. Black people are AMAZING! Black people are BEAUTIFUL! Black people are INSPIRING! Black people are INTELLIGENT and HARDWORKING! While I love everyone and I love using this platform for a plethora of creations, I want to add a space for my fellow Black Creators and Black owned small businesses. We stand on the shoulders of EXCELLENCE! Our ancestors paved the way. It is because of their tireless work, that we are able to exist and thrive in these spaces today. May you be inspired.

 “Music is real. It affects people; it’s real.”-Prince

Stringz EMB is a singer/songwriter from ST. Louis. His soulful tone is distinct, and he’s no stranger to creating magic with the mic. When we think about what love means, to have our hearts exposed, to be captivated by the mere thought and sight of someone, it’s hard to describe. Especially when you’re trying to figure out your emotions as well which is overwhelming. It’s all so complex. Actually, love encompasses a plethora of emotions, and sometimes it’s not even love. What are we feeling exactly? Our emotions can consume the best of us, and can cause confusion within. Stringz manages to take us on a journey in his latest single, “Hijacked” where he depicts all of this so brilliantly. He always takes his artistry and visuals to the next level. Check him out! 

Instagram: stringzemb

Twitter: StringZEmb


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