Shower us with Black Excellence Part 5!

Greatness lives in all of us. We just have to tap in! It’s important to me that I create spaces for all of us to shine. Black people are AMAZING! Black people are BEAUTIFUL! Black people are INSPIRING! Black people are INTELLIGENT and HARDWORKING! While I love everyone and I love using this platform for a plethora of creations, I want to add a space for my fellow Black Creators and Black owned small businesses. We stand on the shoulders of EXCELLENCE! Our ancestors paved the way. It is because of their tireless work, that we are able to exist and thrive in these spaces today. May you be inspired.

 “One person can change the world.” ~Rosa Parks

KiannaD is a creative and entrepreneur using her podcast “Mask off Crowns On” and  life coaching business “Queens Confidence and Mindfulness” as a way to change the world. Helping people to gain inner confidence through mindfulness and spiritual awareness. Knowing the more we are independently healed and whole cause our communities to be healed and whole as well. 

Visit and support a black-owned business, TODAY!

Facebook: maskoff_crownson

Instagram: maskoff_crownson



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