It Matters

How could I fix my lips to say that my vote won’t matter? To say that my vote won’t count? How could I have the audacity to not show up to vote? When you suffered a great deal for me and stood tirelessly on the front lines for me. You opened up doors for me. Doors that were locked with deadbolts topped off with chains. You opened up those doors, so that I could walk right through them with more ease. You did it for me. You walked miles and miles for me. You were my voice before I was even reproduced. You took brutal and deep cut throat lashes for me. You were fed to the dogs like it was feeding time, for me. They actually bit into your flesh over, and over again, as if you were dog food. You wept for me. You screamed for me. You took beating after beating for me. You were painfully sprayed with the water hose, in order to keep your fire from burning. A fire that burned so strong within you, that it was enough for you to burn for me too, and you used it as a source of ongoing energy, in order for you to keep fighting for us both. You endured unimaginable pain for me. You spilled all your blood for me. Man, your blood was actually spilled for me. You died for me and this is how I honor you. This is how I repay you. I can hear you rolling over in disappointment in your grave. I can hear your cries, your hurt, and your pain from the grave. It’s haunting me. I might as well spit on your grave. You fought so hard for me right up until your last breathe and I’m allowing  your legacy to live in vain. What is wrong with me? How could I be so selfish, so disrespectful, and so inconsiderate?  I never stopped to consider what you went through for me. All the risks you took, the sacrifices you made. In fact, you sacrificed your life for me. Your LIFE!!  So that I could have the rights that you were so vehemently denied. You were my shield before I even needed to be shielded. I can walk out of my home and go vote freely today because of you. I have a voice because of you. I owe you more than my life. I owe you infinity and beyond. I have to try for you. I have to get up and go for you because you can’t anymore. You did most of the hard work for me. Honestly, you did all of the work. I need for my voice to be heard, not just for me but for you too. I have to speak for you now and keep going for you. FOR US! I owe you everything. I’m going to vote for us. So rest peacefully now my brave, courageous, and beautiful souls. Job well done. I can take over now. We can take over now. 


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