A Tribute to Prince!

The key to longevity is to learn every aspect of music that you can. -Prince

Dear Prince,

When we look up the definition of music, there should lie your picture, engraved. We cannot mention music without mentioning your name, and your major contributions. It was the natural musicality that ran marathons through your veins. Music latched onto you and you to it. Music needed you and you needed it. You were a cosmic musician, a genius. Attending one of your concerts was like traveling to outer space where only the finest music was allowed.

You knew exactly how to keep people engaged and mesmerized. It was your intricate understanding of music, the beats, the hooks, the melodies, the arrangements, the entertainment portion, the ownership, and the understanding of how it affected human beings. That is what left an impression on us that we can never shake. You knew how to expand your reach and bring people together. Music was really your language of love, labor of love. You knew what needed to be done, and you always executed it like only you could. You knew the inner and outer workings, the beauty and power of instruments, and how imperative it is to learn how to play them. As a musician, you developed a electrifying chemistry with music which exploded into a everlasting romance that not only served you both very well, but it also served the world very well. Music was your soulmate which spilled out onto any stage that you graced with your presence. Your passion, your love, your edge, your spice, your attitude, and your uniqueness is what birthed the magic that only you could have concocted in your masterful chambers.

You taught us that risks are worth taking in order to be great, and in order to stand out. You taught us to be unapologetic, to embrace the things that make us so different. That is why we loved you, love you. It shaped your legacy. You were exceptional, and surpassed every expectation and then some. We adore you. You mastered music. You are the master of music. We miss you. We thank you. We love you.

Love Always & Forever,



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