Shower us with Black Excellence Part 3!

Greatness lives in all of us. We just have to tap in! It’s important to me that I create spaces for all of us to shine. Black people are AMAZING! Black people are BEAUTIFUL! Black people are INSPIRING! Black people are INTELLIGENT and HARDWORKING! While I love everyone and I love using this platform for a plethora of creations, I want to add a space for my fellow Black Creators and Black owned small businesses. We stand on the shoulders of EXCELLENCE! Our ancestors paved the way. It is because of their tireless work, that we are able to exist and thrive in these spaces today. May you be inspired.

“There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” ~Michelle Obama.

Tamika, owner of Mika Major Media.

Originally, my work was born out of my brand, Periods Should (K)not Be Painful and my urgent desire to raise awareness about the raw reality of living with Endometriosis. While advocating for women, like myself, will always be a charge that I proudly serve, I also desired to create a space that encouraged healing and finding the beauty in life after (any form of) loss. My company, Mika Major Media, came into existence because of my experiences in living with devastating grief, High-functioning Anxiety Illness, and a depressive episode that lasted five years. I felt the need to create a space where women, especially black women could be vulnerable, open about their mental health struggles, and find non-judgmental support. My blog, ( helped me connect with women from various backgrounds and led to the work that I do with Healing Black Women, as the Support Group Coordinator and Certified Grief Recovery (Life) Coach. My goal is to build a community of women who share their life lessons as a way of bonding and growing together.  Because of my experiences with trauma, illness, loss, and healing, I am able to be a voice for the voiceless, an ear to listen, and a supportive shoulder.  When I say, “because I’ve been through it, I can teach you how to get through it,” I mean it because I have lived it.

Visit and support a black-owned business, TODAY!

Name: Tamika Beck-Major


Article Feature:

Facebook: Mika Major Media

Instagram: @accepting_the_after

Grief Recovery Coach:


    1. Thank you so much Sis!! Appreciate you and all that you do! I’d love to collab with you!


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