LIGHTS ON” was written by Stringz EMB and produced by John Joseph (Summer Walker’s “Over it” & “Body”), and PJ Fresh. “I was inspired to write this song as a result of my own personal struggles of being in the light and forging a smile to hide a depth of depression,” mentions Stringz. During the current times of the pandemic, depression and mental illness are becoming more and more of a normality, but Stringz EMB’s mission is to shed a positive light in the darkest of rooms by preaching the fact that “it’s ok to not be okay.”On “LIGHTS ON“, Stringz EMB lays out a passionate piece filled with emotionally heavy vocals and copacetic guitar strumming. His experimental amalgamation of gospel, soul, blues, hip hop, and acoustic guitar has been deemed by many as something that we’ve been missing for a long time. The track melodically dives into the artist’s overwhelming sentiment of depression and self-awareness. The first verse starts off with mentions of how due to mental illness issues, close family relationships changed and ultimately faded away. As a rising star, the spotlight is definitely on him, but he admits his true vulnerability with the chilling lyric, “the sun is shining on me, but still I’m feeling lonely.”
Instagram: @Stringzemb
Twitter: @StringzEmb
Gregory Bowdry, better known by his stage name Stringz EMB, is a St. Louis-born, award-winning singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and community advocate. Dating back to 2014, Stringz EMB & Super Producer PJ Fresh, have been brewing up the magic of his records inside the beautifully ambient Sawhorse Studios. The same studio that housed several world renown projects: One of the most recent works being the Psychedelic Furs, “Made of Rain,” produced by Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus.Touring from coast to coast, Stringz EMB has performed with & opened for artists such as ATG of Discrepancies, Bubba Sparxx, and Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics. In the midst of touring the world, the young artist even hustled his way into a huge collaboration with Jamaican-born, vocal recording artist, Javada, set for release later 2021.Stringz EMB draws his musical influence from legendary artists such as James Brown, Anthony Hamilton, B.O.B., Drake, and Young Thug. His unique blend of soulful crooning, heavy bass, and live musicians, aids in the production of one the biggest sounds that we’ve heard in a very long time. This rising star is definitely one that you should keep on your radar.

For additional information on STRINGZ EMB, please contact Ra-Fael Blanco at 2R’s Entertainment & Media PR at 646.326.4803 or via email at

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