The Land

A stunningly beautiful land filled with wonder. A land that sparks curiosity. A hidden gem filled with magical love traps that will hypnotize you into a trance. The land is filled with powerful aromas of sweet smelling strawberries and flowers blooming in the spring. The land is fruitful, fulfilling and exceeds beyond expectations. A land where you’re free to come as you are. You can come as your true authentic raw self, or you can come covered up in a facade of protection. The land is sacred and intriguing. Though it’s a forbidden land and it is only accessible by the chosen one. Those who were not chosen still try to force their way in. Yet it’s discreetly tucked away in a secured place and I fully understand why though. I understand why so many desire entry. The land is a mesmerizing playing field of rainbows and exploding stars. It houses fireworks of rare emotions and storms of satisfaction. A land where the water continuously runs heavy and droughts cease to exist. The land is amazing, YES! But the land is invite only.

Have you received an invitation?



The One

I’m searching for the perfect size, ONE that’s just right for me. I want a nice, long, thick, and juicy ONE. Does size matter for you ladies? Mmmm..You could say that I’m sort of picky when it comes to this specific craving that I have. I desire a certain ONE. I need it to be just right for me. Once I find the ONE I’m looking for, we head over to my house. We enter my home, and the first thing I do is change into something more comfortable. I put on a white see through tank top. You can see my nipples through it, and I put on my black leggings that hugs my hips, and my ass soooo tight! You see my very thick, and shapely form crystal clear. Hello Kitty’s print is peeking through too! Now that I’m comfortable, I can give the ONE my full, and undivided attention. I’m so ready now, and my mouth is watering. I just can’t wait to taste it. We go into my room, I turn on the tv, and sit on the edge of the bed. I make sure the ONE is ready for me. I unzip him because I prefer it raw, and OMG!! He smells soooo good!!! I wrap my entire mouth around it allowing it to go in as far as my throat will allow, the juices are flowing, melting in my mouth, and it tastes so damn good! I have been looking forward to this all day long. I’ve really been craving this ALL DAY LONG!! With every taste it gets better, and better. I get more, AND more excited with every swallow because ONE tastes soooo good to me! I swallow it all, every single drop, and every single time. I’m addicted to the ONE, and it’s good for me. After I finished, I licked the remnants from around my mouth, and lips. The ONE left…


Bananas are my favorite! LOL!

Be well!