Porn Confessions

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Porn Confessions ‼️WARNING ADULT CONTENT AHEAD‼️ Is watching Porn so Taboo? I mean personally, I like watching Porn for so many reasons. I like it because it gets me hot, and bothered. I like it because it’s interesting, you know with all the different ethnicities. Everyone has sex so differently, andContinue reading “Porn Confessions”


Women are beautiful beings. Women are wonderfully made. Women are strong beings. Women are brave beings. Women are smart beings. Women are sensual beings. Women are lovers and nurturers. But why can’t some of us get along? Why can’t we work together? Why can’t we support and lift each other up? Why can’t we complimentContinue reading “Women”

Linnea Blogs Her Way

My name is Linnea, and thanks for coming to my Blog. Writing is one of the loves of my life. I’m a creative writer, truth teller, story teller, and I allow my soul to move me. I speak my mind and there is no sugarcoating. Come take this journey with me, as I will be writingContinue reading “Linnea Blogs Her Way”