Apply Black Pressure


I’ve been trying to find the words. The right words. Then I realized there are none. I know the world is in dissaray right now, discord, and there is apparent division. There is so much tension, hurt, pain, trauma, struggle, and stress. When you witness a human being in distress, struggling to breathe, struggling to live, wanting to live, WANTING TO LIVE, NEEDING TO LIVE, calling out for their deceased mother, and another human being is kneeling in between life and death for them, it hits completely different. When another human being is applying pressure to a vital organ, not letting up even after the other human being is screaming out in pain, begging, pleading, and is in total distress. When you actually see a human being transitioning from life to death before your very own eyes, it messes with your mental. Now add race into the mix, and that piles on more mental trauma. Being Black in America is hard. Being a Black Woman in America is harder. Being a Black Man in America is impossible. Now, here we are in 2020 living in the land that is not free. Not for us. A land where Racism has been planted, and is continuously watered mostly by the white hands with invisible sheets. A land where WE are being preyed upon, stalked, and hunted daily. It is extremely sad that we have been reduced to the likes of animals. Then again, I’ve seen animals get better treatment.

How do we fix this ongoing problem? How do we come together? How do we get everyone to understand, and agree that Black Lives Matter? How do we demand to be treated equally? How do we fix a system that never works in our favor. The system is not broken. It just doesn’t work for us, and it was never meant for us. We need to infiltrate the system, and design a new one. We need to get into Media, so that we can control our own narratives. We need to become Police Officers, so that we can break the corruption, and brutality chains. We need to become Judges, so that we can preside over cases fairly, and justly. We need to become Lawyers, so we can try cases fairly and justly. We need to become Medical Examiners, so that we can perform proper, and thorough autopsies. We need to become Doctors, so that we can advocate for patients who cannot advocate for themselves, and for patients whose health complaints have fell on deaths ears. We need to become Farmers, so that we can grow our own food. We need to become elected officials to be able to change laws, that work in everyone’s favor equally, and justly. We need to become Architects, so that we can build places for our Youth. We need to become Investors to be able to invest in some businesses, invest in our communities, and programs that will render aide to our suffering, and broken communities. We need to learn to save our money, so that we are able to facilitate these investments. This will help us all in the long run. We have to infiltrate the system in order to change it, and break this despicable cycle. We need to sit on boards, so that we can make decisions, and so that WE can make changes! We need to present these career options to our children. They just might hold the key that opens up the door to permanent change.



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