Music Feels Good



Music is love and life. I’ve been listening to music, since I could listen to music. Now if you’ve been following my Blogmas thus far, you know that I’m not fond of any Christmas tunes. So no Christmas music here lol. Here are some of my favorite Albums/Eps. These are in heavy rotation. 

62E32E21-1C8D-4269-B0C3-81BF0CF9E9EA.jpeg112062A2-130A-4752-9160-77A02695B346.jpegF97AB07C-35FC-4AB7-8B92-920DFAFB8BE7.jpeg8DFD14F8-2C30-4115-B9A7-CF3C462F529B.jpeg4CA8A1CC-D6BE-4D27-8723-6CB1DFA19D2B.jpeg8B370CFD-6189-48A2-BEBD-1525C00F5BC7.jpeg0C70FA83-7F47-4E4E-AD9A-6B7759435693.jpeg70C3B64F-14F6-4AA2-8930-898F1ACFC18E.jpegE08FCEB0-AA3C-4A0E-8E63-110666DCCA5A.jpeg610B716B-A970-4488-9928-2956C439F17B.jpegE045E928-7015-499E-8D63-249E39A80B01.jpeg685A1490-DBE6-473D-8587-8CEF7CA126D7.jpegNow tell me yours!

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  1. Music and I have an indifferent relationship. I have to be in a mood and it’s only certain folks that I will listen to. Of course, I need my trap music to remind me that i am definitely that b##ch😂


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