Christmas Queen






I’m finally getting into the Christmas spirit. My family suffered a huge loss this year and life hasn’t been the same. The people who know me personally, know me as “The Christmas Queen” lol. I’ve been this way since I was a young child. My mother is the same exact way. When I think back to my childhood, joy and happiness always come to mind. My mother always made sure I had the best Christmas each and every year. I LOVE this time of year!! There is nothing like Christmas decorations, decorating the tree, drinking hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies, eating good food, and exchanging gifts. I love wearing Christmas inspired earrings and participating in Ugly Sweater contests which I usually win LOL. I love getting my nails done with a Christmas color or two. This year I had to have some red (shout out to my friend Shae aka Hairstyles By Shae who did my nails) white and black. All I need now is some snow! LOL Yes I want a White Christmas. But sadly, there will not be any snow showing up this year on Christmas according Jonathan’s weather report. Jonathan is a Meteorologist. Maybe next year!!!

Be Well!


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