2020 Bucket List



I can’t believe we’re pretty much at the the end of 2019. It was a year filled with ups and downs. I lost my beloved Aunt C. I received a promotion on my job. I had to cut off some friends who were never really friends. A thousand people listened to my podcast which I’m happy about. That’s a thousand people that I reached and possibly inspired which is always one of the goals.

I’m walking into 2020 on full speed. I have so many plans, goals, and more dreams. Here’s a list.

  • Travel more. I want to see unfamiliar places and try new foods. California is up first. I would love to go on a Eat Pray Love type of journey.
  • Create and sell merchandise. I want to build my brand and create positive, empowering, and inspirational creative merchandise.
  • Release my book. I’m going to release my Erotic Thriller Novel. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be made into a movie later on down the line. Anything is possible.
  • Purchase a house. This I am determined to do!
  • Step up my Podcast game. I’m getting a new mic and some other equipment. It’s all good now, but there is always room for improvement. Also, I still don’t know if I’m completely ok with my Podcast cover art.
  • Healthy Diet and Workout. I’ll be continuing my Healthy eating and weight loss journey. I want to lose in total 25-30 pounds. I already lost 10.
  • Reconnect and create a solid bond with my sisters. We share the same Father.
  • Attend concerts. I love music and I want to see it and feel it live.
  • Go ice skating and skiing.

That’s it for now.

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