There are so many people out here following trends, but not many people are setting them. It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon. It takes very little to zero effort. Do you know how many people have told me that Blogmas should be holiday themed, or that I need to write more holiday themed posts? I’ve been told that Black Christmas trees are not traditional. So because I’m not doing what everyone (NOT ALL) else is doing, I’m doing it wrong?! I’m not keeping up with the trend? Well, hold on to your hats because I recently added some black and white Oreo flavored candy canes to my Black Christmas tree, just to set that baby off lol!! For the record, Blogmas is about creativity, and you can Blog about whatever you want. It’s just a challenge that happens to be around the Holiday season. There are no rules when it comes to writing and being creative. There is no right or wrong story. There is no right or wrong way of expressing yourself through writing. We’ve all been created uniquely, and we do a lot of the same things. However, what will always set us apart is how we execute those things. I’m always trying to find a way to stand out simply because I never want to fit in. Fitting in is overrated in my opinion. If you’re hesitant about doing something because you fear being judged, frowned upon, talked about, or you don’t think it’s within trend. That’s all the more reason why you should do it. It’s a sign that you’re distancing yourself from comfort. If you plan on meeting success anytime soon, you must be prepared to get uncomfortable, and you must be prepared to be talked about. People have been judging and talking about other people for decades. It’s inevitable. Go create what you want!

Published by Linnea Blogs Her Way!

I love writing, and I decided to start a blog in hopes that it may help someone out there. I love music, food, and laughter!! Writing is therapy for me, and it makes me happy!

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