Food Love



Why is food so darn good? I just want to eat what I want and not gain a pound! I want french fries, fried chicken seasoned to perfection, vanilla cake, ice cream, snickerdoodle cookies, donuts, orange soda, and more! I’m tired of counting calories dammit! I want to live in a food bubble with a nice spread filled with my favorite junk foods, and eat to my heart’s desire with no consequences to my health. This would be amazing right? Then, I woke up…

My reality is that I have to watch what I eat daily. I can’t indulge like I used to. Though it’s difficult around the Holidays, it’s necessary. Recently, I found out that my sugar, and cholesterol levels are both a little on the high side. Not high enough that I need medication, thank God! However, high enough that I have to pay more attention, and watch what I ingest. I have to pay more attention to the labels, and I have to control my portions better. I also struggle with Thyroid problems at times, but that’s a whole different post. When my doctor delivered the news, my reply was, ” Well they keep bringing cakes in the office. I can’t just be rude and decline. I have to eat some.” Of course I was joking lol!!! The truth of my matter is, I was eating way too many sweets, drinking way too many sodas, and I didn’t care. I was eating too much fast food (mostly at work during lunch) and not drinking enough water. I’m an emotional eater, and I’ve always been that way. Comfort foods are comforting. No it’s not an excuse, this is just my truth. I have moments where I get stressed and overwhelmed. Then, I’ll get some food or a snack and it calms me. I know what you’re thinking. This is sounding very much like My 600LB Lifeish LOL. I can assure you that I have never been anywhere close to 600 pounds, and I would NEVER allow myself to get anywhere near 600 pounds. At the same time, I’m not bashing those folks because it is a mental problem, and I understand. Food is just so good. It is! But not good enough for me to play around with my health. With all that being said or written rather, I have been eating much better, and I have even lost seven pounds in the process. Actually, I’d like to lose twenty pounds in total. I’ve been eating Turkey Burgers, Tuna Fish, Salmon, Brown Rice, Walnuts, Cauliflower Pizza, drinking more water, and more veggies. It’s awful LOL!! No, it’s just not what I’m used to. So if you are eating unhealthy like I was, you can change it around. In fact, you should change it around. It’s very hard, but not impossible. It can even be frustrating because you’re not seeing the results as quickly as you’d like to. It gets better and you can do it. Patience is important. Now this is not to say, that you have to completely deprive yourself of all the foods you love. You can certainly plan a cheat meal and just watch your portions. Staying in good health is imperative.




“Health is Wealth”

Be well!


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I love writing, and I decided to start a blog in hopes that it may help someone out there. I love music, food, and laughter!! Writing is therapy for me, and it makes me happy!

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