Twenty Four!


We all get the same twenty-four hours a day. The difference is what we choose to do with those hours. Come take this journey with me as I layout my twenty four hours…



5:00 AM-6:15 AM– Around this time, I am just waking up, wiping the crust out of my eyes LOL, and watching the news. I love watching WBFF Fox 45 news (I love me some Patrice and Tom) mostly to see the weather, TRUMP IMPEACHMENT NEWS, and local news. I turn on my phone to scroll through Instagram to see what’s popping, check dms, and respond to comments from my loves. I head on over to my personal, and business emails to check messages and respond. I usually form a list of people that I’d like to reach out to for my Podcast and or my Blog. I send out and respond to about 15-20 emails a day. Yup! This is how I start off my day.

6:15 AM-7:45 AM– I’m up and out of the bed. The entire house is up and out of bed. I gather the kids, and get them moving and ready for school. My kids are older, so they can get their own breakfast, shower, and dress themselves. I just have to make sure everyone is matching LOL, coordination is key. My youngest doesn’t quite get it yet, so I always have to pick out another outfit for him lol. At last, I prepare myself for my regular 9-5 day job and off I go!

7:45 AM-6:30 PM– Now, here it gets SUPER busy. I’m still settling into my new Managerial role at my job which requires more of my time, more effort, more patience, and I don’t mind at all. Moving up is what it’s all about. During my down time, and on my lunch break, I check emails, edit Podcast episodes, conjure up more ideas for episodes, and write for Blogmas. Oh yes…I decided to re enter Blogmas this year. I failed last year, horribly. But I love a great challenge, I love writing, and I don’t quit. For those who don’t know what Blogmas is, it is a creative writing and fun challenge for Bloggers all over. We produce/create 25 BLOG posts starting Dec 1st through Dec 25th. I think initially it was meant to be Holiday/Christmas themed posts. However, you can blog about whatever you want. Personally, I don’t stick to just Holiday themes. I make up my own rules LOL! I’m feisty and spicy.

6:30 PM-9:00 PM– WORK REALLY STARTS NOW! As soon as I get home, I cook dinner for my family. I cook dinner for my family every single day EXCEPT for Fridays and Saturdays. While dinner is on, the kids are doing their homework. Here’s where I put my multitasking abilities into overdrive. I tend to the kids who always need something or they just like to call me because they love the word “Mommy” LOL. Daddy is usually standing right there in the kitchen, but they’ll bypass him to get to me. After tending to them, I like to spend a little time in my SANCTUARY AKA THE BATHROOM LOL. There I can sit in peace and tranquility. Then, I prepare to record my Podcast episodes and edit. First of all, editing is very time consuming! Whenever I’m doing interviews, (FUN FACT) I usually don’t have my questions fully prepared. I wing it a lot of the time because I already know what questions I want to ask. Then, there are those few times where I do prepare, but I end up changing the questions up as I’m conducting the interview. Sometimes, something else pops up in mind, a question I really want to ask. Soon after I’m done recording, I’m thinking about new episodes.

9:00 PM-12:00 MIDNIGHT– YESSSSS!!! -The kids are in bed. I’m just getting around to eating my dinner. I work on my book for about an hour which I hope to release in 2020. I check emails once more, Instagram, and watch a show/movie. This is my ME time and sometimes I might indulge in some grown up activities LOL!



Here’s the thing…I have worked hard all of my life and I will not stop now. Every job I ever had, I went above and beyond. I always do my absolute best and I will not stop now. I have so much that I want to accomplish, so many dreams, and goals. As long as God keeps allowing me to see new days, I will keep working. I want to live and work long enough to see a million dollars. I want to give my kids everything and I want the very best for them. I want a house, I want to create merchandise to sell, and so much more! I want to get fancy Podcast equipment and upgrade my show. I want to do so much! I can and I will. Nobody owes me anything and I will keep grinding. I’ll keep putting in the work. I’m trying to build my own empire from ground zero. Just to keep it real with you all, I get overwhelmed and discouraged at times because I feel it’s not happening fast enough for me. Then, self doubt starts creeping up on me and I question why I’m even doing all of this. I’m not perfect. But, I have to quickly remind myself that I’m a BADASS, CREATIVE, GIFTED, TALENTED, INTELLIGENT QUEEN, AND I GOT THIS! ANNDDD YOU! YES YOU! YOU GOT THIS!!!

You have twenty four hours to make anything happen. How are you going to spend yours?






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I love writing, and I decided to start a blog in hopes that it may help someone out there. I love music, food, and laughter!! Writing is therapy for me, and it makes me happy!

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