Linnea’s Truth Serum

You call me your friend..

Yet you play with my weaknesses like they’re toys. You spew words of hate about me to others behind my back, attempting to cut down my soul. You intended to release my box of secrets after being sworn to secrecy. I can smell your bad energy before you enter any room. Your toxins are smothering me within our damaged circle. Your loyalty is invisible. The trust I once had for you is now extinct. You pretend to be happy for me, when I can clearly see the look of disgust in your eyes. Yes…the eyes tell it all. You can’t hide it no matter how hard you try. I can see right through you. I don’t understand. Please stop calling me your friend. You aren’t genuine and you know it. Deep down inside you hate me simply because I represent your deeply rooted, unaddressed misery. Your misery yearns for my company. But, I continuously decline and now I’m acting funny. That’s what you call it. I’m not acting funny. I just know I deserve better and I don’t do toxic. So just let me go in peace.


Published by Linnea Blogs Her Way!

I love writing, and I decided to start a blog in hopes that it may help someone out there. I love music, food, and laughter!! Writing is therapy for me, and it makes me happy!

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