I wanted to take a walk since the weather was so nice. I brought a blanket, my pen, and a notepad with me because I wanted to find a new sanctuary where I could write. On my travels, I saw a field with beautiful green grass. I was so drawn to its fresh smell and well groomed appearance. So, I decided to explore it further. Where I come from, there are no fields of grass. Only dirt on top of more dirt mixed in with trash. Not to mention the fact, that the noise level in my home was beyond out of control!! Needless to say it was a very stunning sight to see. A sight that I have never been accustomed to. A change I so greatly and so desperately needed. A change I welcomed with opened arms! As I was walking through the grassy field, I was so happy and smiling. I was consumed with tranquility. I could hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing slightly, and it was warm. A sense of peace came over me like never before. I could hear myself think and I was calm. It just felt so good to have a change of scenery. I continued walking through the grass and found the perfect spot. I laid out my blanket, took out my pen, and began writing. It was just me, plus nature, and I loved it! It was a dream to be able to have such peace and quiet while trying to work on my first book. Nobody else was around. I thought maybe I was the first to discover this gem. After two hours of refreshing focus, I packed up my things and began retreating back to my residence. Mannnnnn…I couldn’t wait to return the next day. My new sanctuary! I started walking out of the field and heard a loud sound. But, I couldn’t make out what it was. So, I just kept on walking. Then, I heard it again, turned around, and nothing. So, I started walking faster. Heard the sound again and I hauled ass! I was almost out of the field. Then I saw a shadow, it looked like a person. I couldn’t really make it out that well and it was odd. I kept running towards it because I thought it was just some people which made me feel less panicked. However, the shadows kept multiplying and were coming towards me as I was running towards them. The closer I got, I knew something was off and I turned around running in the opposite direction. Only more shadows were coming at me from that direction as well. At this point I’m panicking and I needed to get out! They were closing in on me, surrounding me. Coming from every direction and every angle!! They were black shadows formed as people. Then all of sudden, I felt a hard pinch which made me scream out and I dropped to the ground crying in pain. I was sweating and going into a full blown anxiety attack! I closed my eyes praying this was all a dream, or maybe I was hallucinating and this couldn’t have been happening. I opened my eyes, the pain was gone, and they were all gone. The shit was such a blur and I hauled ass again. This time I turned it up a notch like Flo Jo!!!! Finally, I made it back home. But the house was empty. I needed to tell someone what had just happened to me. Yet I knew no one would believe me. Really I don’t even know what happened to me myself. I walked up the steps stopping midway because I was in excruciating pain suddenly. The pain was coming from my leg, so I pulled up my pants leg and my leg was bleeding. It looked like something bit me. Turns out it was a snake bite and it landed me in the hospital for a week. Oh and the beautiful field I was in, was a crime scene just five years earlier. Go figure. 







Published by Linnea Blogs Her Way!

I love writing, and I decided to start a blog in hopes that it may help someone out there. I love music, food, and laughter!! Writing is therapy for me, and it makes me happy!

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