We are built from the seeds that our ancestors planted. We stand on shoulders of GREATNESS. We come from their strength that knew no bounds with a solid focus, determination and a steadfast passion. We come from a lineage of survivors and fighters. WARRIORS! A lineage of innovators and inventors. A lineage that never gave up. We come from natural beauty. A natural beauty that has yet to be duplicated. The world fears us. They tried to keep us from learning how to read because they knew if we had picked up a book, gained knowledge of any kind, it would’ve birthed a powerful and articulate force to be reckoned with. They tried to keep us from voting because they knew that if we had voted, it would’ve awakened our sleeping voices and we would’ve ran with it. They kept us enslaved because they knew that we posed an imminent threat and imminent danger to their secret society. Every chain they tried to tie us down with, we broke. Every lash they bestowed upon our flesh, we took it with an excruciating grain of salt and some of us stood back up. It was our blood that was spilled into these grounds. The blood that still lives in these grounds, that we get to walk so freely on. We worked hard for our freedom. We earned our freedom. Celebrate this day and every day. 


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