1B42D2A9-D8E7-46BF-A1A0-D2A3D90EC972I am a waterfall of moisture that erupts. An ongoing wave that is rapidly flowing. I will drown you in amazement, and excitement. I will lure your soul, make it escape from you slowly as you lay there aroused in lust. I can turn off your night vision, and make your eyes vibrate backwards. I can make your legs…wait…and your toes quiver, clench, and curl. I can pull out your inner scream queen vanishing your voice completely without a trace. I’ve been known to invoke deep, and explosive emotions that come with a teardrop or two that would normally lay dormant in the pit of your soul. Beautiful emotions that you never even knew existed within you. I can make you numb to physical pain, pressure, stress, and the problems of the world. Can I free your mind, and your body? Let me ignite a satisfying fire in you that’s indescribable. I promise to make you feel great, and beyond elated in such a way that it’s unimaginable.

Imagine That!