A Story

Friday 6:00 pm in Waverly, VA

Finally, it was time for Rhaya to clock out for the night. She was the late person, and was the last one to leave the office. She happily rushed out the door so fast, trying to make it to the grocery store before it closed so she could pick up a few steaks for dinner. She planned a birthday dinner for one of her dearest girlfriends. Rhaya was rushing so fast, that she got all the way down to the parking garage, and realized she left her car keys, and her leftover lunch behind which she also uses to store her insulin. She hesitated but she knew she had to go back to the office. Hesitating because in the midst of her preparing to go back up four flights of stairs because she despises elevators, she noticed a very stunning, tall middle aged dark skinned woman with long, and luscious gray hair, green eyes, beautiful skin, dressed in a gray pants suit, standing beside a White Honda, that was parked two cars down from her car. She didn’t recongnize the woman at all, who was standing there staring directly into her eyes while smoking a cigarette. Now, she was used to people staring at her often, being an attractive young woman, and all. Rhaya is a 24 year old beautiful country woman, who stands 5ft 2 inches, 160 pounds with dark brown eyes, caramel glistening radiant skin, shoulder length sandy brown natural curly hair, with a bountiful shape. A super friendly, happy go lucky diabetic who doesn’t let her illness hinder her in any way. She’s a Medical Assistant by day, working for a busy well known GYN office, that happens to be THEE only GYN office in town, and a business student by night. With her popular friendly demeanor, she waved and said “Hi hun How are ya?” to the woman as she was walking back into the building. The woman never replied, and looked away, continuing to smoke her cigarette. Rhaya brushed it off, kept it moving, and entered the stairwell for the second time that day. Climbing step by step, out of breath with each step because she was already so tired from working all day. She reached the top at last, and went to turn the door handle but the door wouldn’t open. She tried several times but the door just would not open which was strange because the stairwell doors are never locked, and really can’t be locked. So she peeked through the door window, and couldn’t see anyone. But she heard what sounded to her, like two female voices whispering in the hallway. Though she couldn’t make out what they were saying. She decided to bang on the window, and yelled “Hey it’s Rhaya, and I work in Suite 403, Dr. Wooleys office. I left my car keys, and my lunch bag. I need to get into the office! Can you open this door please?” hoping that someone would hear her. No one came, and oddly enough, she could no longer hear the whispers. She just chalked it up to nothing, and her being deliriously tired, sat down on the top step, opened her purse, and pulled out her cellphone which was on 67%, started a group message, and told her girlfriends that she was delayed due to work. Then dialed her boss Hugo, to see if  he could help her but it went straight to voicemail. She sent him a text, Call me ASAP it’s Rhaya, I’m still at work, and I’m trying to get into the office. She began to dig deeper into her purse only to realize that she had left her phone charger on her desk. After looking at the time, she knew it was getting late. She thought to herself, “Shit, this is not happening. Ok ok don’t panic because I can just go back down to the ground floor into the parking garage, and cut around to the front of the building, and get in using the main entrance. Plus the security post is at the end of the parking garage, and I can even get Lou to ride me round there.” Rhaya closed her purse back up, and headed back down the stairs with a swiftness. She gets to the door, turns the handle, but that door wouldn’t open either. She tried so many times that her hand was sore. Starting to feel even more confused, and now alarmed, she sat on the bottom step thinking hard about what her next move was going to be. She pulled out her phone again to see if Hugo had replied which he didn’t. She attempted to call him again, this time there was no dial tone, and she couldn’t get the call to go through. She assumed it was because she was in the stairwell, service was being wacky. So she tried sending another text, but the message failed. She tried to send her girlfriends a text, and that message failed too. Rhaya’s parents, and her older twin sisters died in a boat accident when she was 2. So she doesn’t have family. There was nobody else to attempt to call or text. “OMG, Really?!!”, she yelled. Then, she remembered the woman she saw earlier in the parking garage. “Maybe she can help me out here.” She got up, and looked out the door window, and didn’t see the woman, or anybody anywhere near in sight. Guess what else she didn’t see? Cars. There were at least 6 cars in the parking garage earlier when she first realized she had left her things. Well…all those cars were gone except for hers. Rhaya’s lonesome car was still sitting there parked right where she left it. She shook her head in disbelief, and just didn’t understand what was happening. Why were those two doors locked all of a sudden? Then, the whispers started again, and it sounded like it was coming from outside the door again, like somebody was out there. She hopped up off the step, and looked out the window, AND SAW THE WOMAN AGAIN! The woman was alone, leaning on Rhaya’s car, and staring directly at her again. Before Banging on the door, Rhaya whispered to herself, “Where the hell did she just come from? Maybe she was on the other side finishing up her cigarettes.” Then she proceeded to bang on the door and yelled out, “Hey love! That’s my car!!!! Can ya please open this door up please?” The woman looked away again, opened Rhaya’s car door, on the passenger’s side, and sat right down in the seat.


To be continued..













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I love writing, and I decided to start a blog in hopes that it may help someone out there. I love music, food, and laughter!! Writing is therapy for me, and it makes me happy!

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