Who Am I?

I spew a poisonous venom of hate so thick, that it ignites a cult of other poisonous snakes filled with venom, to follow suit. I enable them and they return the favor. We continuously feed off of each other. I love to spit out raging fires of lies and all the dragons believe me. They will follow me anywhere, so cluelessly unaware that I will turn on them at any given moment without warning. I’m ruthless and reckless like that, and I love it. I control them. I am the fearless, cutthroat leader of the free jungle, and I will rule it however I see fit. I don’t focus on what’s right, or what is fair. But more on what’s radically right. If anyone disagrees with me, or is bold enough to go against me, then I will be forced to poke my bear out of hibernation. Once unleashed, he will wreak a havoc so loud, and so wild that all the jungles will hear it. We will fight until we win. It’s my way, or you will be banished from the jungle. 

Would you want to live in and be a part of this jungle? 

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