The Apparition is Still In The Room

Let’s get into this shall we?

I can’t believe I live in a world where Sexual Predators, Child Molestors, and Rapists are defended, and protected. Protection as solid as The Secret Service. I can’t believe I live in a world where little girls, little boys, men, and women who were unfortunately victims of sexual abuse are often shamed, ridiculed, criticized, and blamed. First of all, molestation has been running rampant since the beginning of time, in households, schools, and in churches. The very places that are supposed to be the most safest, and the most sacred. Sexual crimes have been, and are still being committed left and right, by the very people who are supposed to be the most trustworthy. People like your Uncle, Aunt, Dad, Stepdad, Stepmom, Mother, Preacher, Priest, Teacher, Nun  Cousin, Family Friends, and others. Children are very trusting and naive which makes them the perfect prey. They will believe just about anything you tell them to. They’re easily attracted to false promises and shiny new toys. The Apparition that still parades around in the room is a generational, sick, dark, and twisted entity that nobody wants to admit they see nor do they want to talk about it. They see it and it haunts them today. But, it needs to be cut off at the root. The root of a long pattern of ongoing unaddressed sexual abuse, lies, deceit, and silence. The root of turning the other cheek and sweeping things under the rug. There is only so much covering up one can do before everything under the rug is exposed. It needs to be exposed. It has to be exposed. However, we need to create a more comfortable space where it can be exposed. Where we encourage it to be exposed. Can you imagine being a scared young girl, or young boy being touched inappropriately, or penetrated even, by a family member? I can’t. I can’t imagine it. I’m disgusted by it actually and I don’t want to because it’s way too hard. So, if I can’t even imagine it? My God…What it must’ve been like to have actually experienced it and to have lived it. Sexual Predators are colorless and moneyless to me. You really could be Black, White, Yellow, or Purple. You really could have a BILLION dollars!! I just see a sick individual who needs to be held accountable. In fact, the whole entire lineage needs to be held accountable, or the Apparition will continue to linger around in the room. 

When any person conjures up enough strength to come forward to speak their haunting truth about any kind of sexual abuse, or sexual harassment, we should ALWAYS take them seriously. We should ALWAYS investigate each and every time. We should ALWAYS listen!! 


Be Well! 

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