The One

I’m searching for the perfect size, ONE that’s just right for me. I want a nice, long, thick, and juicy ONE. Does size matter for you ladies? Mmmm..You could say that I’m sort of picky when it comes to this specific craving that I have. I desire a certain ONE. I need it to be just right for me. Once I find the ONE I’m looking for, we head over to my house. We enter my home, and the first thing I do is change into something more comfortable. I put on a white see through tank top. You can see my nipples through it, and I put on my black leggings that hugs my hips, and my ass soooo tight! You see my very thick, and shapely form crystal clear. Hello Kitty’s print is peeking through too! Now that I’m comfortable, I can give the ONE my full, and undivided attention. I’m so ready now, and my mouth is watering. I just can’t wait to taste it. We go into my room, I turn on the tv, and sit on the edge of the bed. I make sure the ONE is ready for me. I unzip him because I prefer it raw, and OMG!! He smells soooo good!!! I wrap my entire mouth around it allowing it to go in as far as my throat will allow, the juices are flowing, melting in my mouth, and it tastes so damn good! I have been looking forward to this all day long. I’ve really been craving this ALL DAY LONG!! With every taste it gets better, and better. I get more, AND more excited with every swallow because ONE tastes soooo good to me! I swallow it all, every single drop, and every single time. I’m addicted to the ONE, and it’s good for me. After I finished, I licked the remnants from around my mouth, and lips. The ONE left…


Bananas are my favorite! LOL!

Be well! 


Her Process

13D807C3-C08A-4A08-A4C7-B7BD3ADAD0DA.jpegI love to write. As much as I love writing, I get writers block like many, and sometimes I don’t know what to write about. Even though I have all these different thoughts flipping through my mind, about what I could write about. Yet, I still come to a block. At this point, I know it’s time to close my eyes, dig deep, and envision myself laying out on a beautiful beach. A beautiful beach with breathtaking sand and scenic views. I’m taking in the sounds of the ocean which is music to my ears. The sun is shining and it’s warm. But, not too warm. The ocean waves are light, steady, and the water is calming. I can hear ppl talking a little bit and enjoying themselves. I allow the beach to move me with the waves, in whichever direction it compels me. It’s serene and hypnotic. The beach is one of the very few places where I find solace. Yes I LOOOVVEEE the BEACH!!!! I want to savor every minute because I know it’ll be over soon. Boom…just like that and it’s over! I open my eyes. But I can see, and think much clearer now. I get my paper and pen out of my drawer. I’m ready to write from a place of struggle, brokenness, love, and understanding. I’m ready to write from a place of growth, bravery, confidence, and assurance. I allow the words to fly out and land wherever they may. Only I don’t just let the words fly out without creativity. I want to write something in such a way that ignites others to follow suit. I want to write something that will move them and provoke them. I want to leave them in awe with shock value, unaware that such words, thoughts, and feelings resides within me. I want to get them to a place of thinking outside the box and who knows?!! Maybe their current way of thinking will be a thing of the past. I know that in order to do this, I must go into the case of my soul, remove the safety, and empty the whole clip. My soul tells me what to write and the beach just leads me to it. 

Blogging My Way. 


Who Am I?

I spew a poisonous venom of hate so thick, that it ignites a cult of other poisonous snakes filled with venom, to follow suit. I enable them and they return the favor. We continuously feed off of each other. I love to spit out raging fires of lies and all the dragons believe me. They will follow me anywhere, so cluelessly unaware that I will turn on them at any given moment without warning. I’m ruthless and reckless like that, and I love it. I control them. I am the fearless, cutthroat leader of the free jungle, and I will rule it however I see fit. I don’t focus on what’s right, or what is fair. But more on what’s radically right. If anyone disagrees with me, or is bold enough to go against me, then I will be forced to poke my bear out of hibernation. Once unleashed, he will wreak a havoc so loud, and so wild that all the jungles will hear it. We will fight until we win. It’s my way, or you will be banished from the jungle. 

Would you want to live in and be a part of this jungle? 

2 0 2 0

The Apparition is Still In The Room

Let’s get into this shall we?

I can’t believe I live in a world where Sexual Predators, Child Molestors, and Rapists are defended, and protected. Protection as solid as The Secret Service. I can’t believe I live in a world where little girls, little boys, men, and women who were unfortunately victims of sexual abuse are often shamed, ridiculed, criticized, and blamed. First of all, molestation has been running rampant since the beginning of time, in households, schools, and in churches. The very places that are supposed to be the most safest, and the most sacred. Sexual crimes have been, and are still being committed left and right, by the very people who are supposed to be the most trustworthy. People like your Uncle, Aunt, Dad, Stepdad, Stepmom, Mother, Preacher, Priest, Teacher, Nun  Cousin, Family Friends, and others. Children are very trusting and naive which makes them the perfect prey. They will believe just about anything you tell them to. They’re easily attracted to false promises and shiny new toys. The Apparition that still parades around in the room is a generational, sick, dark, and twisted entity that nobody wants to admit they see nor do they want to talk about it. They see it and it haunts them today. But, it needs to be cut off at the root. The root of a long pattern of ongoing unaddressed sexual abuse, lies, deceit, and silence. The root of turning the other cheek and sweeping things under the rug. There is only so much covering up one can do before everything under the rug is exposed. It needs to be exposed. It has to be exposed. However, we need to create a more comfortable space where it can be exposed. Where we encourage it to be exposed. Can you imagine being a scared young girl, or young boy being touched inappropriately, or penetrated even, by a family member? I can’t. I can’t imagine it. I’m disgusted by it actually and I don’t want to because it’s way too hard. So, if I can’t even imagine it? My God…What it must’ve been like to have actually experienced it and to have lived it. Sexual Predators are colorless and moneyless to me. You really could be Black, White, Yellow, or Purple. You really could have a BILLION dollars!! I just see a sick individual who needs to be held accountable. In fact, the whole entire lineage needs to be held accountable, or the Apparition will continue to linger around in the room. 

When any person conjures up enough strength to come forward to speak their haunting truth about any kind of sexual abuse, or sexual harassment, we should ALWAYS take them seriously. We should ALWAYS investigate each and every time. We should ALWAYS listen!! 


Be Well!