D4D6AFA9-0871-40A4-B23B-63B246103EB7Sex is a huge part of life. It feels SO good, and it’s so fun. It relieves stress, and calms nerves. It has even been known to cure headaches. It’s exciting, and intriguing. It can be amazing, kinky, nasty, rough, and crazy. I like all of the above. As good as sex is, and it is GOOD! There are side affects. One in particular that I’d like to examine here is, BLINDNESS. It can cause blindness in a sense…AND not BLINDNESS from accidental sperm splatter in your eyes ladies. Although, maybe it could LOL! Sometimes you can’t see past a great orgasm. Sex is also like a mask in a way. Take it away from your relationship, and the real grit & the real core of the relationship appears. If you removed sex from your relationship, what would you have left? Would you have more to offer? Sex is great, yes. But can you hold a decent, and intelligent conversation? Do you know how to make your partner feel good, and satisfy them without penetration? Can you find other ways to make your partner smile, and laugh without dangling your goodies in front of them? Do you possess the ability to stimulate his/her mind without talking about sex? Would you even like your partner if he/she wasn’t hitting all your Gspots? But more importantly, Would the relationship be substantiable, if you werent having sex? Is sex the crazy glue that holds an otherwise worthless, loveless, meaningless, and pointless relationship together? Is the relationship worthless, loveless, meaningless, and pointless without sex? Food for Thought. 

This is very interesting to me. You know, it doesn’t take much to stroke in & out of a vagina. It doesn’t take much to ride up & down, and all around on a penis. But to completely strip a relationship of sex, leaves it bare in some cases. It forces you to think about your foundation. Was it built on sex? It also leaves room for creativity without limits. To be able to stimulate someone’s mind, takes a lot more work, effort, dedication, and that’s way more impressive. To be able to enjoy each other’s company without sex requires more work. I think it’s a major turn on. Stimulating my mind +Stimulating my Body=Mind blowing sex in my humble opinion. Thoughts???Comment below or comment on my Instagram page! Let’s Talk About it! 








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