My Feelings

I just finished watching The Hate U Give, and there are so many thoughts running through my mind. So, I decided to write them down here…

It was such a great, and powerful movie. A movie I feel should be seen by ALL. A movie that unlocked all of my caged emotions. A movie that provoked my heavy thoughts. A movie that portrayed what’s really going on today. A sad reality, yes. A reality where I have to talk to my Black sons, and teach them how to possibly make it back home to me. I have to explain to them how they were born with targets already placed on their backs. I was just having a conversation with a friend the other day, and we were talking about a news story we came across. It involved a young Black man who was lynched. A young Black man, that could have very well been one, or both of my sons. A pain I can’t even fathom. She started crying in the middle of our conversation, tears rolling down her face, and asked me, “Why do they hate us so much?” “What did we do?” The only reply I knew to give was, “I don’t know”. I really don’t know, and I don’t think they know either. Well not a reason that would be humanly acceptable, and by “they” I mean those individuals who are racist. So back to this movie, I loved how it shined a light on every aspect of the situation at hand. You saw the events leading up to the incident, you saw the actual act being committed, and you saw the aftermath. Then, it allowed you to see some of the problems within the Black Community simultaneously. Something was said in this movie that struck a nerve in me, “No matter what we say. No matter how loud we shout. They refuse to hear us.” The reason they will never hear US (And by US I mean Black People) is because most racists were taught to be racist at an early age. It’s a ignorant way of thinking that was embedded into their minds long ago, and that seems to be irreversible in almost all cases which is sad. It’s because the media picks, and chooses how they want to portray US which is usually in a negative light which leads to generalizations, and further leads into them not taking US seriously. Then, we have to examine the elephant in the room that nobody likes to address because of its sensitive matter. But, if we want them to take US seriously, we must do better within. We have to love US. Many of US carry that brown paper bag slave mentality. Light skin vs. Dark skin, and Superior vs. Inferior needs to cease within our community. How can we expect those outside of our community to love US, when we don’t even love US?! We have to respect US. We have to stop killing US. We have to stop tearing US down.

Now let’s get to the positives. The depiction that you see in the media on a daily basis, is not a true depiction of all of US. If you’re reading this, and you’re not sure about US. You can be sure about this..Many of us want the same things out life that you want out of life! We want a house with a yard for our kids to safely play in. We want to keep our families safe just like you do! We want to attend good schools, graduate, and go on to have successful careers. In fact, some of us are Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, and so much more!! Just like you!! We can, and we have achieved GREATNESS just like you have! We want marriages, and to have families. We want to travel the world, and try new things just like you do! We want to be happy just like you do! But most importantly, We want to be able to return back home just as we left, just like you do, and like you always do! If you could look beyond color for a moment, and get to know US, you would know that. Know that WE all bleed RED! But what divides US, and what will continue to divide US, is that ignorant way of thinking. Remove your ignorant mind, and replace it with a open one with understanding.

Just to clarify, ALL LIVES MATTER. However, the Black Lives MATTER movement began because WE were NEVER included in the ALL LIVES MATTER movement. All we want…All we’ve ever wanted, and what we’ve always been fighting for, is for INCLUSION and EQUALITY! INCLUDE US, and treat US EQUALLY! Also PRO-BLACK DOES NOT MEAN ANTI-WHITE! YOU CAN LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN, LOVE OTHERS WITH THE SAME SKIN, AND LOVE OTHERS WITH DIFFERENT SKIN AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!

Be Well!:)


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