Random, Odd, and Very Interesting Facts About Me

1.  love art! I love paintings, and I love taking artsy photos, and I can draw really good!

2. I can’t stand to hear ppl chewing their food lol! Especially, if they’re eating something crunchy. I don’t know why, but it drives me crazy!! I don’t wanna hear it even when you’re chewing with your mouth closed. Lol! It doesn’t bother me when I do it though.

3. I’m spontaneous, and unpredictable. I sometimes don’t even know what I’m gonna do next! So you definitely won’t see me coming lol!

4. I love numbers, and I can retain them well. Honestly, my ability to remember anything is out of this world! My bestie calls me a “Alien” lol! You could tell me anything once, and I will never forget it. You could bring up something that happened years ago, and ask me what you were wearing, what I was wearing, or what was said verbatim, and I could tell you the exact details. I could recreate the picture for you, using my memory bank. Just to name a few examples lol. I pray I never experience memory loss.

5. I’m obsessed with music, and there’s not a day that goes by, that I don’t listen to it. I listen to Jhene Aiko’s album “Trip”, Cardi B’s “Money” random Beyoncé songs, and random Whitney Houston songs every day.

6. I love Black pepper, and I put it on almost everything! I’m very much into spicy foods in general. Maybe because I’m very spicy myself lol.

7. I don’t have many female friends. It’s much easier to befriend guys. Less drama!!

8. I love people who have a great sense of humor!! Sometimes you have to pull the stick out your ass, let your hair down, and enjoy a good laugh. But only a few ppl in this world understand my humor because they have the same exact kind of humor.

9. I’m a foodie! I love food!!!!!!Seafood is my fav!! Ohhhh and how I love desserts too! It’s extremely hard for me to turn down cake. I just want to eat as much as I want to, and not gain a freaking pound!! I’m sick of calories, scales, and all that. Scales are the works of the Devil. For all those people out there, who eat whatever they want without gaining weight, I don’t like you!! Lol

10. I love binge watching shows. I’d rather watch a season straight through with no breaks in between. I’m currently binge watching Grey’s Anatomy! I’m on Season 14. That’s a really good show!! But Shonda can you stop killing off the surgeons sis?!!

11. I don’t like crowds. If I go somewhere and it’s crowded, I’ll leave. That is unless I’m shopping, and getting something special for my kids or something. Anything for them!

12. I love animals very much!! ❤️ Sometimes I think I should’ve been a Veterinarian.

13. My favorite actress is a Viola Davis! Her passion, her conviction, her ability to breathe life into all the roles she’s played so far, is mesmerizing, moving, and so beautiful. She’s killing it in How to Get Away with Murder. If you’re not watching it, you need to start today! You know what? She kills every role every damn time! I love her!!

14. I have OCD when it comes to washing my hands. Hey, never said I was perfect ever! Don’t wanna be.

15. I love piercings, and I think it’s sexy! Yes you can be sexy without them. Just saying piercings are sexy. Can you guess how many I have?! Hmmmm…

16. I hate working out even though it’s good for me, and I’ll do it regardless. Personal Trainers, Why do you insist on killing me?!! What did I do to deserve such torture? I don’t like you either!! Lol


Thanks for visiting my blog!! Hope you’ll come again! Be Well! 🙂


Feel free to leave any comments!!!






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