Linnea’s Recipe For A Healthy Relationship

1. Communicate-This goes for any relationship that you want to keep flourishing. Talk, talk, talk, and don’t stop. If your partner is doing something that you don’t like, or doing something that’s hurting you. Let them know about it! If you want something that you’re partner isn’t giving to you, let them know! Just tell them exactly how you feel. You also need to check in, and ask them how their day went from time to time. Ask if they’re ok, and even try joking with them from time to time, to lighten up the mood. Communicate when things are going right too!

2. Trust-This is a absolute must have in every relationship! If you don’t trust your partner, why are you with them in the first place? Answer a few questions for me…Do you have a problem with your partner if he/she wants to go out for a night without you, have a drink, and catch up with friends? Do you have a problem with your partner working around the opposite sex? When you step out of the house for errands, for work, etc., and leave your partner home alone. Do you call them excessively just to see what they’re doing, and occasionally ask if anyone else is there with them? If you answered YES to these questions, then you do not have trust. Figure out why you don’t trust him/her, and either begin to build it back up, or let the relationship go. You’ll stress yourself out, and drive yourself crazy if you don’t have trust.

3. Fix your Insecurities– Insecurities have killed many relationships. If you are insecure, you need to get a handle on this before you enter a relationship. Being insecure creates false accusations, and preconceived notions. For one example, whenever you see your partner talking to the opposite sex which in your mind, they’re really kissing, or might as well be kissing. So you immediately accuse them of cheating on you, when in reality, the conversation was actually innocent. See how insecurities plays mind tricks on you?! You have to fix this within yourself. You’ll push people away, and cause a huge amount of tension if you don’t stop. Find out why you’re insecure, and start getting secure because you’re dope!!

4. Honesty-This is a necessity for any successful relationship. I can’t stress this enough!!! BE HONEST!!!!! No matter how you think your partner will feel, you need to be honest with them!! No matter how big, or how small the truth might be. Just tell it! You owe them that much! If you’re not happy with them, tell them, and don’t waste anymore of their valuable time. If you have no intentions on being married, tell them, and don’t string them along any further. If you are interested in someone else, tell them, and then release them. One small lie turns into a big lie which turns into an even bigger lie. Next thing you know, there is a huge emotional explosion! All of which could have been avoided, if you had just told the truth to begin with. Always BE HONEST!

5. Date-You should never stop dating your partner whether you end up getting married to them, or not. Keep dating. Do this 1-3 times out of the month. I know that many couples out there have children, and have busy schedules. Set aside some US time because you’ll need it!! Go out to eat, see a movie, or stay in. Just get some quality time in somewhere! Think of it as your refresh button for your relationship! Hit that button folks!!

6. Sex-Have sex!!!! Don’t stop having sex with each other. Life can be stressful for us all. Relieve your stress by allowing your partner to make you feel good. In my humble opinion, you should be having sex 2-3 times a week. Really you should be having an orgasm daily. But you can build up to that lol. Again, I know people have kids, and busy schedules. There are ways around that, and you need to set aside time! Go lock yourselves in a separate bathroom away from the kids lol and get a quickie in. Also switch it up by trying new positions, and role playing. The sky is the limit when it comes to exploring sex. Go explore!!

7. Compromise-This is very healthy. Meet your partner half way. I know that some couples aren’t into the same things, and don’t like to do things the same way. But that’s where the compromise comes into play. Compromising creates happiness, and peace. If you know that your partner loves it when you watch sappy love stories with them, although you dislike them. Watch it with them anyway, simply because it makes them happy. Then vice versa. Make each other happy. That’s what a relationship is all about anyway right?! Compromise!!!! Be happy!

Be Well!:)

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