Her Thoughts

D7A93F70-B5BB-4A58-A784-4014827B89A8As I step even deeper into my thirties, it’s becoming harder, and harder for me to befriend women. Not because I don’t want to befriend them. I love making new friends. But, it’s way more complicated than that. It’s because most of us women are just alike and we tend to bump heads for that reason alone. Most of us have trust issues. Most of us are stubborn. Some of us are mean. Some of us have the jealousy and envy trait. Some of us are extremely toxic by all accounts. Some of us are messy and like to keep drama going. Some of us have an overflow of negativity running within. Some of us have deeply rooted insecurities, that we’ve yet to address which can ruin, and challenge any relationship. But, do you know what boggles my mind, more than anything?! Some women don’t even know how to react to being complimented by another woman. Sometimes they’ll even accuse the woman of being a fraud. I think it’s sad. Sad because it’s so rare that we don’t even know how to process it. We don’t know how to process a freaking compliment!! It just makes me wonder why. Why are we like this? Why can’t we get along? Why do we treat each other like this? Why can’t women get along? I honestly don’t know why. I’ll probably never find out the answers to these questions. However, what I do know is, that I am a woman who chooses to, and will continue to inspire, encourage, uplift, motivate, and empower women. I will also compliment other women. I will be a woman who raises her daughter to do the same. I’ve already started planting the positive seeds in my daughter’s mind. She needs to understand and know that her light will never be dimmed just because she lit someone’s else’s. She will shine even brighter. A woman standing alone possesses GREAT power. But women standing amongst many women possess the GREATEST power. 




Be well! 🙂

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