I’ve stayed in this relationship longer than I should have because of YOU. I’ve stayed up well into the wee hours of the morning FOR YOU, knowing damn well I had to get up early for work/school the next morning, AND I could barely focus on my work because of YOU. On top of that, my body ached all over the place because of YOU. I’ve allowed HIM to do things to me because of YOU, things I knew I had no business allowing. At times, I’ve turned a blind eye on many occasions because of YOU, when I should’ve had my eyes wide opened the most. I’ve turned down invites to various places because of YOU, and I really wanted to go. I’ve cut some of my phone conversations too short, with some of my best girlfriends because of YOU. To be honest, I’ve neglected so many people for YOU. I gave up the keys to my car frequently because of YOU which is something I vowed never ever to do. I even gave HIM some of my hard earned money because of YOU, and let’s not talk about all the things I’ve purchased for HIM because of YOU. I’ve said yes to HIM way too many times to count because of YOU, when I should’ve yelled no. I’ve cried because of YOU. I’ve felt crazy, and actually went crazy because of YOU. You could say that, I’ve pretty much been on an emotional wreck of a roller coaster because of YOU. I want to leave HIM, really I do. But it’s YOU that I can’t seem to break up with. It’s hard to let go of  YOU. YOU are what I crave the most, so much so, that I can always taste it. YOU just make me feel so good. Just the thought of YOU turns me on. My relationship with YOU is far more complicated than the relationship I have with HIM. The truth of the matter is, YOU’VE always been extremely good to me, treated me like a Queen, and pleased me in ways I will always treasure, ways I could never forget, while driving me crazy at the same damn time! YOU are my addiction, and I can’t shake it. You know, YOU have this real funny affect on my mind, and my body. My heart wants me to leave HIM because he keeps hurting it. But, my mind, and my body wants to stay with YOU because you make them feel great. But, even if I can build up enough nerve, and enough strength to finally leave HIM. Is there another DICK out there just like YOU, that could really replace YOU?! Can another DICK fill YOUR big shoes? Can another DICK make me feel as good as you make me feel? Can another DICK make me cum more than multiple times with no breaks in between? Can another DICK fuck me out of commission, and hit all the right places exactly how I like it?! How I expect it?! Can another DICK make me scream until my voice is gone? I’m just so used to YOU, and I’m so in love with YOU, that I can’t fathom another. It’s complicated, I know.