D4D6AFA9-0871-40A4-B23B-63B246103EB7Sex is a huge part of life. It feels SO good, and it’s so fun. It relieves stress, and calms nerves. It has even been known to cure headaches. It’s exciting, and intriguing. It can be amazing, kinky, nasty, rough, and crazy. I like all of the above. As good as sex is, and it is GOOD! There are side affects. One in particular that I’d like to examine here is, BLINDNESS. It can cause blindness in a sense…AND not BLINDNESS from accidental sperm splatter in your eyes ladies. Although, maybe it could LOL! Sometimes you can’t see past a great orgasm. Sex is also like a mask in a way. Take it away from your relationship, and the real grit & the real core of the relationship appears. If you removed sex from your relationship, what would you have left? Would you have more to offer? Sex is great, yes. But can you hold a decent, and intelligent conversation? Do you know how to make your partner feel good, and satisfy them without penetration? Can you find other ways to make your partner smile, and laugh without dangling your goodies in front of them? Do you possess the ability to stimulate his/her mind without talking about sex? Would you even like your partner if he/she wasn’t hitting all your Gspots? But more importantly, Would the relationship be substantiable, if you werent having sex? Is sex the crazy glue that holds an otherwise worthless, loveless, meaningless, and pointless relationship together? Is the relationship worthless, loveless, meaningless, and pointless without sex? Food for Thought. 

This is very interesting to me. You know, it doesn’t take much to stroke in & out of a vagina. It doesn’t take much to ride up & down, and all around on a penis. But to completely strip a relationship of sex, leaves it bare in some cases. It forces you to think about your foundation. Was it built on sex? It also leaves room for creativity without limits. To be able to stimulate someone’s mind, takes a lot more work, effort, dedication, and that’s way more impressive. To be able to enjoy each other’s company without sex requires more work. I think it’s a major turn on. Stimulating my mind +Stimulating my Body=Mind blowing sex in my humble opinion. Thoughts???Comment below or comment on my Instagram page! Let’s Talk About it! 









Interview with Tanya Scott

111FECAA-53B5-4164-90BD-FDCB671723DFTanya Scott is one of the stars, of the hit Reality tv show Little Women: ATL, a busy mother of three, Herbalist, and a BOSS! Tanya started a company called Life Body Naturals. She has a passion for healing, and helping people using natural products. She is successfully helping many people, on their roads to living a more healthier lifestyle. She inspires me, and countless others. Recently, Tanya gave me the opportunity to interview her. Enjoy!! 


1. How did you come up with Life Body Naturals, and what made you want to become a herbalist? Can you tell us a little bit about Life Body Naturals?
Life Body Naturals came from my passion of wanting to help people heal themselves. At a young age I lost my grandparents and uncle to cancer, strokes, liver disease, and mental illnesses. I didn’t want that for myself or my children. Life Body Naturals is a company dedicated to helping people feel better in their bodies and heal themselves from naturally the way Mother Nature intended. We have products to help boost the immune system, fight candida, parasites in the body, autoimmune disorders, build bone health, digestive health, infertility, painful + irregular periods, boosting breast milk supply, and helping moms stay healthy during pregnancy. We offer internal and external healing products for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and acene. We also offer one on one consultations for those who need a more unique approach to their healing.

2. What’s your regimen as far as what you eat? How do you stay healthy?
I am sure to include herbal supplements into my diet daily as well as lots of water, leafy greens, and organic fruits and veggies.

3. How do you balance your business with having kids?
I make a schedule for myself so that I am working during certain hours of the day and week and give the rest of my time to my self care and to my family. I am sure that I don’t over work myself and that I get to spend time with my kids daily and take off regularly for my own self care.

4. What advice would you give to someone looking to start a business?
I’d advise anyone looking to start a business to make sure they know exactly what their goal is with their business. Make sure its something that will make them happy and make sure their marketing is A1. Promote promote promote and be patient. Get your name out there and make sure people don’t forget you. Leave a great first expression. Budget and make sure your income from your business can go back into your business to help you make even more sales. Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life!

5. What keeps you humble, down to earth, and grounded because I’ve watched you on some of your LIVE videos where you’re just shopping, cooking or just chatting it up with your fans?
I am grounded because I don’t put myself above others. I am grateful and humble that so many people love me and look to me for healing and advice.

6. Losing weight, and just being healthy is a constant struggle. If someone is looking to start eating healthy. What kinds foods should they start eating, and what foods should they stay away from?
They should definitely eat more leafy greens and focus on healing their digestive tract. Solar Fusion from my company can help with that. They should stay away from dairy and artificial sugars.

7. Are you working on any new products, and projects that we can look out for?
Yes! Make sure that you’re following me on IG and Twitter @tanyatehanna & @lifebodynaturals Twitter @lifebodynatural for all updates for the projects and new products I’m working on.

Thank you!



My Feelings

I just finished watching The Hate U Give, and there are so many thoughts running through my mind. So, I decided to write them down here…

It was such a great, and powerful movie. A movie I feel should be seen by ALL. A movie that unlocked all of my caged emotions. A movie that provoked my heavy thoughts. A movie that portrayed what’s really going on today. A sad reality, yes. A reality where I have to talk to my Black sons, and teach them how to possibly make it back home to me. I have to explain to them how they were born with targets already placed on their backs. I was just having a conversation with a friend the other day, and we were talking about a news story we came across. It involved a young Black man who was lynched. A young Black man, that could have very well been one, or both of my sons. A pain I can’t even fathom. She started crying in the middle of our conversation, tears rolling down her face, and asked me, “Why do they hate us so much?” “What did we do?” The only reply I knew to give was, “I don’t know”. I really don’t know, and I don’t think they know either. Well not a reason that would be humanly acceptable, and by “they” I mean those individuals who are racist. So back to this movie, I loved how it shined a light on every aspect of the situation at hand. You saw the events leading up to the incident, you saw the actual act being committed, and you saw the aftermath. Then, it allowed you to see some of the problems within the Black Community simultaneously. Something was said in this movie that struck a nerve in me, “No matter what we say. No matter how loud we shout. They refuse to hear us.” The reason they will never hear US (And by US I mean Black People) is because most racists were taught to be racist at an early age. It’s a ignorant way of thinking that was embedded into their minds long ago, and that seems to be irreversible in almost all cases which is sad. It’s because the media picks, and chooses how they want to portray US which is usually in a negative light which leads to generalizations, and further leads into them not taking US seriously. Then, we have to examine the elephant in the room that nobody likes to address because of its sensitive matter. But, if we want them to take US seriously, we must do better within. We have to love US. Many of US carry that brown paper bag slave mentality. Light skin vs. Dark skin, and Superior vs. Inferior needs to cease within our community. How can we expect those outside of our community to love US, when we don’t even love US?! We have to respect US. We have to stop killing US. We have to stop tearing US down.

Now let’s get to the positives. The depiction that you see in the media on a daily basis, is not a true depiction of all of US. If you’re reading this, and you’re not sure about US. You can be sure about this..Many of us want the same things out life that you want out of life! We want a house with a yard for our kids to safely play in. We want to keep our families safe just like you do! We want to attend good schools, graduate, and go on to have successful careers. In fact, some of us are Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, and so much more!! Just like you!! We can, and we have achieved GREATNESS just like you have! We want marriages, and to have families. We want to travel the world, and try new things just like you do! We want to be happy just like you do! But most importantly, We want to be able to return back home just as we left, just like you do, and like you always do! If you could look beyond color for a moment, and get to know US, you would know that. Know that WE all bleed RED! But what divides US, and what will continue to divide US, is that ignorant way of thinking. Remove your ignorant mind, and replace it with a open one with understanding.

Just to clarify, ALL LIVES MATTER. However, the Black Lives MATTER movement began because WE were NEVER included in the ALL LIVES MATTER movement. All we want…All we’ve ever wanted, and what we’ve always been fighting for, is for INCLUSION and EQUALITY! INCLUDE US, and treat US EQUALLY! Also PRO-BLACK DOES NOT MEAN ANTI-WHITE! YOU CAN LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN, LOVE OTHERS WITH THE SAME SKIN, AND LOVE OTHERS WITH DIFFERENT SKIN AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!

Be Well!:)


Random, Odd, and Very Interesting Facts About Me

1.  love art! I love paintings, and I love taking artsy photos, and I can draw really good!

2. I can’t stand to hear ppl chewing their food lol! Especially, if they’re eating something crunchy. I don’t know why, but it drives me crazy!! I don’t wanna hear it even when you’re chewing with your mouth closed. Lol! It doesn’t bother me when I do it though.

3. I’m spontaneous, and unpredictable. I sometimes don’t even know what I’m gonna do next! So you definitely won’t see me coming lol!

4. I love numbers, and I can retain them well. Honestly, my ability to remember anything is out of this world! My bestie calls me a “Alien” lol! You could tell me anything once, and I will never forget it. You could bring up something that happened years ago, and ask me what you were wearing, what I was wearing, or what was said verbatim, and I could tell you the exact details. I could recreate the picture for you, using my memory bank. Just to name a few examples lol. I pray I never experience memory loss.

5. I’m obsessed with music, and there’s not a day that goes by, that I don’t listen to it. I listen to Jhene Aiko’s album “Trip”, Cardi B’s “Money” random Beyoncé songs, and random Whitney Houston songs every day.

6. I love Black pepper, and I put it on almost everything! I’m very much into spicy foods in general. Maybe because I’m very spicy myself lol.

7. I don’t have many female friends. It’s much easier to befriend guys. Less drama!!

8. I love people who have a great sense of humor!! Sometimes you have to pull the stick out your ass, let your hair down, and enjoy a good laugh. But only a few ppl in this world understand my humor because they have the same exact kind of humor.

9. I’m a foodie! I love food!!!!!!Seafood is my fav!! Ohhhh and how I love desserts too! It’s extremely hard for me to turn down cake. I just want to eat as much as I want to, and not gain a freaking pound!! I’m sick of calories, scales, and all that. Scales are the works of the Devil. For all those people out there, who eat whatever they want without gaining weight, I don’t like you!! Lol

10. I love binge watching shows. I’d rather watch a season straight through with no breaks in between. I’m currently binge watching Grey’s Anatomy! I’m on Season 14. That’s a really good show!! But Shonda can you stop killing off the surgeons sis?!!

11. I don’t like crowds. If I go somewhere and it’s crowded, I’ll leave. That is unless I’m shopping, and getting something special for my kids or something. Anything for them!

12. I love animals very much!! ❤️ Sometimes I think I should’ve been a Veterinarian.

13. My favorite actress is a Viola Davis! Her passion, her conviction, her ability to breathe life into all the roles she’s played so far, is mesmerizing, moving, and so beautiful. She’s killing it in How to Get Away with Murder. If you’re not watching it, you need to start today! You know what? She kills every role every damn time! I love her!!

14. I have OCD when it comes to washing my hands. Hey, never said I was perfect ever! Don’t wanna be.

15. I love piercings, and I think it’s sexy! Yes you can be sexy without them. Just saying piercings are sexy. Can you guess how many I have?! Hmmmm…

16. I hate working out even though it’s good for me, and I’ll do it regardless. Personal Trainers, Why do you insist on killing me?!! What did I do to deserve such torture? I don’t like you either!! Lol


Thanks for visiting my blog!! Hope you’ll come again! Be Well! 🙂


Feel free to leave any comments!!!






My Interview with Jamell Crouthers

C7B98522-9DC7-4AE6-B743-82EC68EA4BF2Jamell Crouthers is a very talented poet, author, and podcaster. He’s the author of 11 books and counting. Jamell has a passion for writing about topics that nobody likes to speak on. Topics that are taboo, and topics that will provoke thoughts. He delves into societal issues in such a way, that I’ve never seen before. I met him through social media, and I’m a fan of his work. He’s one of the people who’ve inspired me to start my own Blog. Recently, Jamell gave me the opportunity to interview him.
1. What made you want to become a writer, and at what age did you start?
I never thought I’d ever become a writer, it just happened. I started writing poetry at age 13, and I always wrote on and off, it wasn’t consistent for the longest time. Then when my 30s came along I started writing more short poems and eventually it led to me sharing them on social media.
2. I read that you didn’t think you could utilize your talent to tell stories, and write books. Why did you think that? 
For me it was about writing short poems that focused on my life, experiences, and things that are going on around us. I didn’t see myself writing books but after a vacation to Los Angeles, that’s when I thought to myself, I should consider doing it. Then I started brainstorming what I wanted to write about and how to develop characters and storylines that relate to people in today’s world.
3. Why poetry? What do you love about it?
Poetry is a form of expression where there are no rules to it. With all of the societal issues going on in this world and me being able to tell a story in poetry prose format, I knew I can do it, it was just a matter of how.
Writing poetry for me is always therapeutic, it’s my way to get out my thoughts. A lot goes on in my mind and I can’t always talk to people so I write books. When I started to write books, it was creating characters, developing storylines and then putting myself in their shoes to tell their story.
4. You talk about societal issues a lot, What’s one experience that you’ve had with society that has impacted your life, and where does your passion come from?
One big one was when I was in college and a young woman was raped at a college party involving a fraternity and she never reported it. That impacted me at age 19 so when I wrote The World We Live In, Christina is that young lady I went to college with, the only difference is Christina reports it and deals with the repercussions and social stigmas that come with it.
My passion comes from watching the world and how bad it really is right now. While most of us are able to live our daily lives, there are people who are in need of help. Knowing that my stories, blogs, podcasts, audiobooks and videos can impact someone, that’s why I give it my all everyday.
5. What are your thoughts on this administration, and the state of this country right now? 
This country is a mess, has been a mess and will continue to be no matter what. Every administration since I’ve been born has dealt with some sort of war (war on drugs, crack epidemic, incarceration of Latino and black men, police brutality, increase of homelessness in major cities, wars in other countries to take control of their natural resources), it isn’t necessarily this administration specifically that has this country in a mess, it’s just more divide among us (racial, religious, gender) which I speak on in America: A Country Divided.
6. Thoughts on police brutality, and if you were given the task to fix it. How would you fix it, or can it be fixed in your opinion? Hypothetically speaking. 
It starts at the top and then it trickles down, take the time to think about who’s giving the orders (and it’s not the government, think deeper). Next it’s holding good cops morally responsible for doing the right thing in reporting racism, corruption and illegal activities. It’s also exposing the corruption that goes on in the justice system and how cases are handled with shootings (most cases are handled by the same District Attorneys and prosecutors who work with these police officers). That’s just a small piece of my thoughts on how to start fixing things.
7. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a author?
Learn the business, write what you love, not what’s trendy and understand there’s a lot of work that has to be done. Self-publishing is the way to go as you have more control over your royalties, your vision and decision-making. Always budget yourself and don’t feel that you have to spend thousands of dollars to publish your book and get it to bestseller status.
8. Any new projects coming up, that you’re working on that we should look out for?
December-Code Blue Parts 4 & 5 release (Code Blue 1 is 99 cent in all bookstores right now)
February-The World We Live In Parts 4 & 5 releases
April-The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 3 releases
May-The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 4 releases
June-The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 5 releases
September-Kids With Guns releases
December-Kids With Guns Part 2 releases
Website: (all of my books are there, social media pages and podcast).
Hope you enjoyed this interview, and make sure you go check out some of Mr. Jamell Crouthers books!!

Linnea’s Recipe For A Healthy Relationship

1. Communicate-This goes for any relationship that you want to keep flourishing. Talk, talk, talk, and don’t stop. If your partner is doing something that you don’t like, or doing something that’s hurting you. Let them know about it! If you want something that you’re partner isn’t giving to you, let them know! Just tell them exactly how you feel. You also need to check in, and ask them how their day went from time to time. Ask if they’re ok, and even try joking with them from time to time, to lighten up the mood. Communicate when things are going right too!

2. Trust-This is a absolute must have in every relationship! If you don’t trust your partner, why are you with them in the first place? Answer a few questions for me…Do you have a problem with your partner if he/she wants to go out for a night without you, have a drink, and catch up with friends? Do you have a problem with your partner working around the opposite sex? When you step out of the house for errands, for work, etc., and leave your partner home alone. Do you call them excessively just to see what they’re doing, and occasionally ask if anyone else is there with them? If you answered YES to these questions, then you do not have trust. Figure out why you don’t trust him/her, and either begin to build it back up, or let the relationship go. You’ll stress yourself out, and drive yourself crazy if you don’t have trust.

3. Fix your Insecurities– Insecurities have killed many relationships. If you are insecure, you need to get a handle on this before you enter a relationship. Being insecure creates false accusations, and preconceived notions. For one example, whenever you see your partner talking to the opposite sex which in your mind, they’re really kissing, or might as well be kissing. So you immediately accuse them of cheating on you, when in reality, the conversation was actually innocent. See how insecurities plays mind tricks on you?! You have to fix this within yourself. You’ll push people away, and cause a huge amount of tension if you don’t stop. Find out why you’re insecure, and start getting secure because you’re dope!!

4. Honesty-This is a necessity for any successful relationship. I can’t stress this enough!!! BE HONEST!!!!! No matter how you think your partner will feel, you need to be honest with them!! No matter how big, or how small the truth might be. Just tell it! You owe them that much! If you’re not happy with them, tell them, and don’t waste anymore of their valuable time. If you have no intentions on being married, tell them, and don’t string them along any further. If you are interested in someone else, tell them, and then release them. One small lie turns into a big lie which turns into an even bigger lie. Next thing you know, there is a huge emotional explosion! All of which could have been avoided, if you had just told the truth to begin with. Always BE HONEST!

5. Date-You should never stop dating your partner whether you end up getting married to them, or not. Keep dating. Do this 1-3 times out of the month. I know that many couples out there have children, and have busy schedules. Set aside some US time because you’ll need it!! Go out to eat, see a movie, or stay in. Just get some quality time in somewhere! Think of it as your refresh button for your relationship! Hit that button folks!!

6. Sex-Have sex!!!! Don’t stop having sex with each other. Life can be stressful for us all. Relieve your stress by allowing your partner to make you feel good. In my humble opinion, you should be having sex 2-3 times a week. Really you should be having an orgasm daily. But you can build up to that lol. Again, I know people have kids, and busy schedules. There are ways around that, and you need to set aside time! Go lock yourselves in a separate bathroom away from the kids lol and get a quickie in. Also switch it up by trying new positions, and role playing. The sky is the limit when it comes to exploring sex. Go explore!!

7. Compromise-This is very healthy. Meet your partner half way. I know that some couples aren’t into the same things, and don’t like to do things the same way. But that’s where the compromise comes into play. Compromising creates happiness, and peace. If you know that your partner loves it when you watch sappy love stories with them, although you dislike them. Watch it with them anyway, simply because it makes them happy. Then vice versa. Make each other happy. That’s what a relationship is all about anyway right?! Compromise!!!! Be happy!

Be Well!:)

Her Thoughts

D7A93F70-B5BB-4A58-A784-4014827B89A8As I step even deeper into my thirties, it’s becoming harder, and harder for me to befriend women. Not because I don’t want to befriend them. I love making new friends. But, it’s way more complicated than that. It’s because most of us women are just alike and we tend to bump heads for that reason alone. Most of us have trust issues. Most of us are stubborn. Some of us are mean. Some of us have the jealousy and envy trait. Some of us are extremely toxic by all accounts. Some of us are messy and like to keep drama going. Some of us have an overflow of negativity running within. Some of us have deeply rooted insecurities, that we’ve yet to address which can ruin, and challenge any relationship. But, do you know what boggles my mind, more than anything?! Some women don’t even know how to react to being complimented by another woman. Sometimes they’ll even accuse the woman of being a fraud. I think it’s sad. Sad because it’s so rare that we don’t even know how to process it. We don’t know how to process a freaking compliment!! It just makes me wonder why. Why are we like this? Why can’t we get along? Why do we treat each other like this? Why can’t women get along? I honestly don’t know why. I’ll probably never find out the answers to these questions. However, what I do know is, that I am a woman who chooses to, and will continue to inspire, encourage, uplift, motivate, and empower women. I will also compliment other women. I will be a woman who raises her daughter to do the same. I’ve already started planting the positive seeds in my daughter’s mind. She needs to understand and know that her light will never be dimmed just because she lit someone’s else’s. She will shine even brighter. A woman standing alone possesses GREAT power. But women standing amongst many women possess the GREATEST power. 




Be well! 🙂