Dear Society



 Dear Society,

I look in the mirror, and I see a body that you deem unacceptable. I see stretch marks that you feel are unattractive. I see a stomach that’s not flat enough for you, it’s flabby mostly. I see breasts that aren’t perky, and up to your par. I see skin that isn’t smooth enough to your liking. I don’t see a snatched waist, or a perfect butt. I don’t see an hour glass figure. I see weight gain in all the wrong places just to be frank. I just don’t see a perfect body, like the one you want me to have. I’ve worn a variety of waist trainers, coming too close to smothering my organs for you, and creating preventable health problems for myself. I’ve tried countless diets for you, nearly starving myself half to death, and pushed myself to the max during brutal workouts which at one point you told me that I had lost too much weight. I was just trying to live up to your false expectations, and I was trying to please you. Even though pleasing you, is not humanly possible which I would later find out. I’ve even considered plastic surgery for you. But, I’m too afraid to go under the knife. There has to be a better way to obtain a perfect body right? No, not in your eyes. You like fast, and unsavory results. You continuously, and relentlessly dangle all these fraudulent images of these beautiful women in front of my face, who are built like Barbie. Well, you must be daydreaming in Barbie’s dream house, if you think I’m ever going to look like that. They have tiny waists, nice butts, perky large breasts, flawless skin, and flat stomachs, that sometimes come with abs. You told me that I need to look like them, in order for me to be accepted. In order to be considered beautiful, or sexy. But, it’s hard for me. You just don’t understand, and I’m not like them. Well, I used to be like them once upon a time, believe it or not. You would’ve loved my body, and accepted my body before I had kids, and before I grew older. Unfortunately, kids can change your body’s appearance, and if you keep on living, life in general can also change your physical appearance. I see a body in the mirror that’s been altered by kids, that’s been altered just by living life, and no matter how many times I try to put it back together. It’ll never be perfect, and it’ll never be quite the same. Why am I trying to please you? Why am I trying to be perfect? You keep trying to persuade me to do things to my body that aren’t good for it. Then if I do it, you’ll just find other reasons to body shame me. You’ll continue to find ways to make fun of me, and to make me feel like I can’t ever be ok with my body. If  I lose weight, you’ll say that I’m too skinny, and that I look sick. If I gain weight, you’ll call me fat, greedy, and ugly. I don’t know what’ll make you happy, and I don’t know if you’ll ever be happy with me. You love picking me apart, and you enjoy putting me down. You keep telling me what, and who I should look like. What I need to look like!! What gives you, and all of your disciples the right to shame me for my imperfections? Shame on you, and it’s never shame on me! You had me for a moment though. I have to be honest. You attempted to brainwash me into your reckless way of thinking! What an epic fail on your part. You actually had me considering changing my looks just to suit you. I know that some of the images of the women you’ve presented to me, have gotten those “perfect bodies” by working out. However, others have opted out, choosing to get plastic surgery instead. But, don’t ever make me feel like shit because I don’t look like those women! I’m not those women. I’m my own woman, and my body is fine just the way it is! What kind of examples are you setting for little girls? For women period?!!! Just because my body doesn’t fit into your ignorant vision of a perfect design, does not make my body less than beautiful! It does not give you the right to body shame me. I’m supposed to be comfortable in my own skin. I’m supposed to have flaws, so that I know I’m real! I was NEVER, in no way, shape, or form made to be a perfect being with the perfect body. I was made to be a real human being with a real body. I’m supposed to love me, and love my body. My body will never be perfect, and it’s ok. I’m happy with me! You don’t have to be happy with me! You don’t have to embrace it. You don’t even have to like it, nor do you have to love it. I do!! I have to love it, and I do love it! I love the shit out of my body!!! I love the shit out of me!! 



Real Bodies Matter



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