Positivity NOT SO MUCH!

 Negativity sells. Sex sells. But positivity not so much. Why is that? We live in a world where people complain about negativity, yet they feed off of it, AND they feed into it. It’s attractive, and it arouses them. We live in a world where people keep saying they don’t want to be surrounded with negative people, but they surround themselves with negative people. We live in a world where SOME celebrities will reply to the negative comments before they’ll reply to the positive ones. It’s like negativity is something like an adrenaline rush. We live in a world where the less you wear, the more likes you’ll get. If I were to post a pic of myself fully clothed, the likes would probably be incomparable to the likes I’d receive, if I had posted one wearing less clothes. We live in a world where people preach about encouragement, and uplifting. But, will turn right around, and be the main ones tearing others down. The same people who keep yelling about how they’re living in drama free, and negative free zones, are actually living in zones filled with drama, and heavily drenched in negativity. If I were to confess my love for my partner on social media, it wouldn’t get nearly as many likes, if I had posted about us having problems, OR if I would have posted about wanting to have sex with him. We live in a world where people are so drawn to negativity, to sex, and are driven away from positivity. We live in a world where people will click on a fight video, or a twerk video before they’ll click on a inspirational one. People are so addicted to whatever’s messy, and the more messy the merrier. Then, the very same people will complain about the storms they keep encountering on their journeys throughout life. “We are what we eat” is how the saying goes right? So, if you continue feeding your minds with negativity, you will be stuck in an ongoing storm, that will never let up. When you continue feeding your minds with negativity, you might as well lay out a welcome home mat, open up the door for negativity to roam freely, and indefinitely within you. As far as sex goes, well..sex will always sell. But, will you sell out for sex? I hope you have much more to bring to the table than sex because it will only get you so far before you hit a dead end. But you don’t hear me though. Negativity sells. Sex sells. Positivity not so much. 

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