What about HER?


B I T T E R 


A R G U M E N T A T I V E 
C R A Z Y 
Women are  the most disrespected of the human species. How many more labels are you going to put on us? Your labels are like weights, you keep piling them on, and it’s sinking us slowly but surely. I thought you were supposed to protect us from all harm and danger. You are the harm and the danger we need protection from. Can you just listen to us for once? Let’s get real!!!
You call us BITTER mostly because we share a child together and you decided to end the relationship. Ok the relationship is over. We’re not bitter. We’re simply confused as to why you thought you could also end the relationship with our child. To add insult to injury, you start a new family with a new child and you begin to take care of your new child, as you should. However, again this is confusing to us because we can’t fathom why you won’t acknowledge your first. Not bitter just confused.
You call us MAD because in your mind we’re always mad about something. But, you never think to ask us what’s wrong, or ask us is everything ok. Why? So it frustrates us. It’s frustrating because 95% of the time you did something  knowingly WRONG to us, and you refuse to acknowledge, or admit what you did wrong. It’s quite frustrating. There’s cause and there is effect. Not mad just frustrated.
You call us STUCK UP BITCHES because you simply cannot accept rejection. You ask for our number, we say no. You ask us out on a date, we say no. Maybe we’re taken. Maybe we’re at a point in our lives, where we just want to be single, have fun, and focus on bettering ourselves. Maybe we are freshly out of a relationship. A tumultuous relationship at that and we are trying to heal. Maybe you’re just not our type. Maybe we just aren’t interested. Did you ever think about that? Maybe because it’s just our right to say no if we want to. No you didn’t think about that because all you care about is what you want at that moment. We’re not stuck up. We just don’t want what you’re selling at the moment. Can’t you just respect that and accept that? Then, move on.
You say we’re ARGUMENTATIVE simply because we attempt to have an adult and real conversation with you, after you’ve done something WRONG to us. But somehow you end up playing the victim card and try to use reverse psychology, epic fail. Then, we ask you a series of questions in an attempt to once again, gain clarity on why you did what you did in the first place. You purposely give us very vague answers to agitate us further. We don’t want to argue with you. We just want to understand and we want you to acknowledge when you’ve done something wrong. I guess that’s too much to ask of you. 
You call us CRAZY because we finally explode, after we’ve taken all we could take. It was our last straw, and you got on our very last good nerve which we only had one good one left. The thing is, this explosion was built up over some time. We have tolerated and tolerated. We have allowed you to degrade us, call us names, cheat on us, and just allowed you to disrespect us repeatedly in every way inhumanly possible. It’s only so much one person can take. You kept poking at the beast and we simply obliged. It’s not us being CRAZY. It’s us finally realizing our worth and value. It’s us deciding to no longer tolerate your blatant disrespect. It’s us no longer settling just for the sake of being in a relationship. Not crazy but finally AWAKE! 
You call us HOES/SLUTS/BITCHES because we’ve had multiple sex partners just like you’ve had. It’s because we’re dating different men at one time, just like you’re dating different women at one time. It’s because we like to party a lot just like you like to party a lot. The only difference is there is a double standard applied to us. Let us do us, and you do you without judgement, and without the derogatory name calling.
We are women who look to you to stand up for us. But how can you stand up for us when you’re so busy putting us down? When you’re so committed to misunderstanding us, labeling us, and judging us? We are beautiful beings who risk our lives to bear your children for you. We are Queens who deserve the absolute best. We are the backbones of your households. We wear many hats. You should be loving us, respecting us, cherishing us, and protecting us.
Be WELL! 🙂

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