The biggest, and most hardest project you will ever work on in life is YOU. The biggest competition you will ever be up against is YOU. Why compete with the next person? I believe that we all have a purpose in this life. We all have a special gift. We can all find something, or some things that we’re really good at. I can’t be mad at the next person for creating something that I was afraid to create, or because I didn’t feel like creating it. I can’t be mad at the next person because they’re great at baking cakes, or for opening up a very successful bakery business, when I can’t bake a darn thing! I can’t be mad at the next person for creating a makeup line, or starting a fashion/make up blog, and I know darn well I’m not that great at makeup. However, I can surely find my gift, and start acting on it. But how could I be mad at someone simply because they are following their dreams, creating their something, and for being successful?! That’s crazy! Sometimes we’re good at the same things, and sometimes we’re good at more than one thing. Sometimes we aren’t, and that’s okay. It’s OKAY!! There’s room for all us to be great! There’s room for all us to win! There’s room for all of us to make money! There’s room for ALL of us to be successful without diminishing one another’s light, or purpose in our process. We all need to focus on bettering ourselves, working on ourselves because people are always watching. You never know who looks up to you. You never know who you’re inspiring in your process, and guess what?!! It’s ok to clap for other people. It’s ok to compliment others. It’s ok to support others. It’s ok to be happy for others, and it’s ok to be inspired by others. It’s even more ok to be motivated by others IN BETWEEN YOUR PROCESS. More importantly though, YOU need to focus on YOU for YOU. When you’re in the midst of your revolution. When you’re in the process of growing, and evolving, your main focus should be on YOU. You should be competing with yourself, trying to be a better YOU everyday. When you’re so caught up  in everything the next person is doing, you can’t get anything accomplished for yourself. 

Be Well! 🙂 

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