Linnea Spices Up Your Sex Life!!

Spice up your sex life!!!!

  • Go to your local sex store together, or visit their website, and pick out a few items. Here’s a few stores I know about, Love Ones, Adam&Eve, and Amazon. I suggest you try any double penetration vibrator, Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy girl Gspot vibrator rabbit, or a double penetration penis ring which can benefit the fellas, a swing, K-Y jelly flavored or unflavored, handcuffs, a couple porn movies, and some exotic colored light bulbs to set the mood. The red light special light bulb is the best.
  • Grab a sexy outfit, some sexy lingerie. Like some thongs, a netted one piece or a two piece, that really shows off your ASSets if you know what I mean, or if you prefer your birthday suit, that’s ok too. Pick out some sexy heels that you can keep on throughout your encounter. Fellas just be naked and ready lol.
  • Grab a glass of wine or whatever your drink of choice is. Alcohol makes you extra horny but don’t get too drunk. Lol If you’re a drinker, that is.
  • Role play. Play a role you wouldn’t normally play. Let your hair down, and get wild.
  • Try new positions or put a twist on the traditional ones you like. Try twerking on his penis while it’s inside of you, or ride him while simultaneously massaging his balls with your hands. You could also try sitting on his penis without moving while kissing him, then slowly lift up off of him until your sitting on the tip of his penis, and just grind on the tip in a circular motion

    until he can’t take it anymore lol.  Fellas instead of just bending her over shoving it right in for doggystyle, turn her over, LADIES arch your back, spread her lips and butt cheeks widely apart, slide it in gently, as far as you can get it, go deep, your body should be pressed up against hers so much so, that you feel like you’ve become one. Your balls should be rubbing up against her clit & your penis should be rubbing up against her in between her butt cheeks with every thrust, do deep long soft strokes in and out. Try it!!! These are some examples lol.

  • Talk dirty to each other throughout your encounter.
  • Try deep and sensual kissing throughout your encounter.
  • Have foreplay and play around in the morning, Sext throughout the day. But don’t have actual sex until that evening. By then, you’ll be a different kind of horny, and you’ll have steamy sex that will result in both of you exploding.
  • Have sex in a public place, the movie theater, the car, the park, but don’t get caught lol.
  • Videotape yourselves and watch it back together. Then lock it up real tight some place safe.
  • Incorporate edible products like whipped cream, hot tea, mints, and ice. Use Mints, hot tea, or ice for oral sex. Think outside the box! Ladies use with caution lol. Don’t over do it!
  • Try

    just having oral sex ONLY one night.

  • Enjoy, and just have great sex and Be Safe!!

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