Social Media

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Technology has come a long way since I was a kid. Wow! What a place to be right? Or is it? A place where you can reach, and move the masses by clicks on a keyboard. Social Media houses the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. It’s a place where confidence, and egos are planted. Watered by the number of likes, and the number of followers one receives. Likes rule the world. Popularity rules the world. It’s a place where people can network in order to grow their businesses, earn profits, and turn their dreams into realities. A place where people can encourage, uplift, and help others. Sometimes solicited but mostly unsolicited. A place where you can soar. A place where you can keep in contact with old classmates, relatives, long lost relatives, old flames, and old friends. A place where you can turn nothing into something. A place where you can interact with your favorite celebrities. A place where you can express yourself however you see fit. A place where you can purchase different products you might not normally be able to purchase off Social Media. A place where challenges, and trends are born. Some being very creative, and purposeful. While some are just plain stupid, and lack purpose. A place where you can scroll through the funniest memes, being entertained for hours with no breaks in between lol. I love funny memes, and I love posting them even more lol. Social Media sounds pretty awesome for the most part. Stay with me here, as I take you on a journey to the dark side of Social Media.

While Social Media is pretty damn awesome, let’s be honest. It is also a playground for bullying. It’s easy access for some people to gain the audacity to spew hate, ridicule, & judgement while hiding behind a keyboard, and a screen. A place where some people give unconstructive criticism. A place where some people rarely read. A place where you can view, and share some of the most graphic, and brutal footage. Some of the most heinous acts we probably have ever seen. The footage exposes people in their true form, and the world for what it truly is! It shows us just how inhuman some humans really are. A place where fake bodies are placed on a pedestal, and real ones are placed beneath the pedestal. The images depicted on social media are false expectations, and false interpretations. Especially for young girls, and young boys whose minds are so easily shaped, molded, and influenced, who are already feeling unsure & insecure about their bodies to begin with. Social Media is a place where your self esteem/confidence can be repaired or broken further. A place where weaknesses are exposed, and played with like toys. A place where you learn that your favorite celebrities, are indeed normal just like you. They’re just normal beings under a huge limelight, and a even bigger microscope. Social media is a place where some people are only driven by numbers. The number of likes, views, shares, and the number of followers they have. Can I touch on this subject of numbers, and likes for a little bit? Do you mind? According to Social Media, a person who has 40 followers is less valuable, less important, worth nothing, and pretty much a nobody. But a person who has 1,000 or more followers are more valuable, more important, and they’re somebody. Simply because their numbers are a lot higher. But what if the person with 40 followers, are in fact, in real time, in reality, in the real world, are much more valuable than you think, and extremely important. What if the person with the 40 followers is somebody that just doesn’t care about numbers, or popularity. Maybe they just don’t want to let random people in, just for the sake of numbers?! Just to be liked? What if the person with 1000 followers or more aren’t who they appear to be on Social Media versus who they really are off Social Media? It really does boil down to numbers huh? Let me get this straight, Social Media if you allow it to, can make or break you. If you allow it to, and if you feed into all the social media network BS, that is. Food for Thought.

The million dollar questions are, Why did you create your Social Media Account? Did you do it for yourself or did you do it for them? Are you doing anything on Social Media to change the negative impact, and negative connotations it carries? Are you adding to it? I sure as hell am not! If people are watching me, I want people to watch me and know that, they are never alone. I want people to look at me and say, “She did it” “She went for her goals” She never gave up” “I can do it too” “We are in this together” “Anything is possible” “Laughter is the best medicine”. I was scared to create a blog because I feared that people would not support it, or wouldn’t like it. You see how easy it is to get caught up in likes, and the need for validation. I just want to write because I enjoy writing. I enjoy expressing my thoughts. If I can encourage, impact, and inspire in the process, that would be a huge bonus for me! Maybe I will connect with people who share my same thoughts, or people who can relate to me. I welcome whatever this brings with open arms. I am in no way saying I don’t appreciate the “likes, nor am I saying that I don’t like the “likes”. If you like it great, and if you don’t, that’s ok to. I’m just not driven by ‘likes”. This blog is therapy for me. Writing is therapy for me as it allows me to express myself, open up and share what goes on in my mind. So, don’t get so caught up in the likes, so much that it keeps you from being you, and doing what you really want to do. What you really love to do. Don’t let anyone make you feel less than because you are more than, and more than your number of followers, and likes you receive. Don’t let Social Media define you. Be Well! 🙂

I welcome feedback, comments of any and all kinds. Let’s open up the lines of communication.

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