Do you ever just want to be deeply penetrated by someone, or penetrate someone deeply? It feels so good, and there is no other feeling quite like it in this world. Nothing compares to great, juicy mind blowing sex with a partner who matches your nasty. Who matches your dirty. Your partner touches you just right, moving their hands, mouth, and tongue all over you in the right directions. Your partner knows just how to make love to not only your body, but your soul. Your partner kisses you like the world is ending. Your partner knows exactly what types of positions to place you in, or throw you in if you like it rough. Rough is preferable for me. Your partner knows all your spots, and especially the ones that will make your eyes water. Your partner moves your soul, stirs it up, and spits it out. Literally, and Figuratively. Then again, maybe your partner is a swallower which would be a major bonus. Your partner can make you moan in such a way that will awaken the deepest sleeper. Your partner can invoke things. Things you didn’t even know you had in you, your toes curl, you shiver, your eyes roll back up into your head, your body jerks uncontrollably, you experience multiple orgasms, and you cry. You don’t cry because you’re sad or upset though. It’s your body’s way of responding to great pleasure. Your partner sucks, fucks, and licks the soul right out of you, yes! Your partner is a soul snatcher. You know there’s always that one person, who you’re super comfortable with, who you can be yourself with, and they know you. They know all the ins, and outs of your body, and they know exactly what you like. How you like it. They know what your body craves, what it needs…AND  they give it to you gooooddd!!!! They instigate a weakness in you, that usually lays dormant, that only they can bring out of you. SEX is great, and I want to have it all the time.  Don’t you? You should be having orgasms daily. At least once a day because it’s good for you. If you don’t have a partner, please yourself. There’s a plethora of sex toys out there, that will satisfy your needs in unimaginable ways.  There’s nothing wrong with masturbation. There’s no harm, and no shame. Hey, it’s safe lol.

Have Safe Sex!!