Natural Hair

Natural Hair

In 2012, I spent 6 days in the ICU with my son just waiting, hoping and praying. Needless to say, my hair was the least of my worries. My real, and overly relaxed hair was hiding underneath a wig for 6 days. At the time, I had just discovered wigs, and I just wanted to try something different. Something brand new! I wanted to try different colors, different styles, and different lengths. So I did, and it was SO much fun! But, wearing a wig for six days straight with no breaks in between was extremely damaging to my already mildly damaged hair. Under no other circumstances, would I have ever done something like this. You would’ve thought I had learned my lesson after that. But, I kept on wearing them causing more damage, and more damage. Well, that is until my hair was completely damaged. In 2015, I finally decided to go natural. Forced to go natural really, and it was the best decision I have ever made for my hair! I chopped off a pretty good amount of my hair which pained me in the beginning. However, it grew back three times what I had chopped off.

Nobody warned me about the “natural hair struggle” though. The struggle is REALLY REAL!  It took me a while to find the right products. I mean, I must’ve spent a ton of money on products that weren’t really doing it for me. The upkeep alone will make you want to give up, and throw your hair away, or shave it bald. Do you know how many YouTube natural hair tutorial videos I’ve watched?! Lol I mean…I’m no hairstylist by any means. Most of the natural looks I attempted, sure didn’t look like the finished products I saw on the videos. That’s for sure!! I just kept at it, and I FINALLY found the right haircare products! I finally found my niche with styles, and I was on a roll! You couldn’t tell me nothing! Nope not a thing. Then it happened. Some people continued treating me the same, and Some people treating me rather differently. Some people loving my look, and some people giving me dirty looks. Some people asking me, if they could touch my hair, and others avoiding it like the plague. But for the life of me, I could not understand, what could possibly be wrong with me wearing my natural hair?  Was I just too hot to handle?! LOL My hair was, and is in the healthiest state it has ever been in. My hair was, and is growing beautifully. It’s so strong, thick, and luscious. Shit…Personally, I think natural hair is the most sexiest hair of them all. Natural in general is very sexy. A woman in her natural state of being, is beyond sexy, and it is such a freeing feeling.

Then, it dawned on me. Society has us all brainwashed, and conditioned to believe that only straight hair equates to beauty. It doesn’t, and I really hope you don’t believe that foolery. Relaxers damage your hair. Applying heat to your hair on a constant basis, damages your hair. Think about it…How does damaging your hair equate to beauty? Let’s be real here, and it’s not rocket science.  It doesn’t and it isn’t healthy. If your reading this, and you’re thinking about going natural. You should really go for it because it really will benefit your hair in many great ways.

Queens, break the chains off of your natural hair, and be free! Stand tall on your throne, in confidence, with your head held high like the Queen you were born to be! Like the Queen that you are! You’re beautiful, and you’re sexy! Yes its lots of work, and yes it’s a process. It’s a beautiful process. But, just wait until you see the strikingly beautiful results. Oh yea, and If you’re going to do it, make sure you’re doing it for yourself. Do it while drowning out the negative words, and the false expectations of society. Be free. Unapologetically free!

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