Why do people cheat? Honestly, there’s many reasons why people cheat. There are four main reasons, I believe. Here’s my take…

You’re unhappy with how you’re being treated in the relationship.
You’re constantly feeling neglected by your partner.
You want to have your cake, and eat it too.
You’re not receiving the amount of sexual attention you desire.
BUT, the million dollar question is (drum roll please) Why not just leave the relationship?

Seems like a legit question, and a fair question. However, it can be complicated for many. Married couples have to go through hoops to leave which sometimes involves lawyers, paperwork, and money which the couple might be lacking. Some stay for the children they share together. Some stay because they have low self esteem, and settle because they don’t think they can do any better. Some stay because of the lifestyle that they’re accustomed to living. Some stay because they’re not self sufficient. Some stay because they believe in forgiving, and they believe that people can change.

Some couples are married with, or married without children. Some couple aren’t married at all and may or may not have any children together. But, all of these couples have one thing in common, they’re in committed relationships. At least those are the kinds of couples I have in mind for this particular subject. OK, so where do we begin? Most people need love, attention, and sex yes! They need nthese things on a regular basis. I mean…that comes with the relationship territory, you know. Cheating on someone is such a bold, selfish, and utterly disrespectful act, in my humble opinion. To voluntarily enter a committed relationship, then when things don’t go perfectly as you had planned them to go in your head. Then, cheating becomes your solution. First of all, no relationship is perfect. Every relationship has their ups, downs, good days, and bad days. But cheating is not included in the ups, downs, good days, and bad days in a relationship, again in my humble opinion. Cheating is the ultimate violation of a committed relationship, not to be included in everyday problems. In a relationship, there will be disagreements which may lead to arguments here, and there. One person in the relationship may work long hours which leaves very little room for quality time. One person in the relationship may not want to have sex as much as the other, or they don’t want to try new things in the bedroom. One person in the relationship may not be feeling wanted, loved, or desired like how they were accustomed to in the beginning. One person may not be able to let go of the “player mentality”. They want to be able to keep their main partner while having other options to choose from on the side, from time to time. All of these are excuses, and all of these excuses can be addressed directly with your partner, in order to come to a resolution that will satisfy the both of you. If you’re spouse is working too much for your liking, stop and be thankful he or she is employed first all. Then, set aside a designated day or some designated hours to spend time together. If you’re feeling lonely, and you feel like you’re partner is not giving you enough attention. Then tell them, and let them know how you feel. Compromise, meet your partner half way, and try to work it out. Trust me I understand because it’s so easy to get caught up with someone else who’s paying you more attention than you’re used to getting at home, who’s saying all the right things, who’s giving you better sex, great conversation, who’s so nice to you, and is just treating you like royalty. However, that’s why I always say, “Cheating is a selfish act”, and it’s inconsiderate. It truly is, and it’s very hurtful. All you’re thinking about is YOUR wants, and YOUR needs. You’re enjoying being in the company of someone else who makes you feel a certain type of way. It’s a certain type of feeling that you’re lacking in your relationship. Is it worth it, really? Like the saying goes, “Everything that glitters, ain’t gold”. While you’re laying in bed, conversing, or having sex, and enjoying yourself. You’re simultaneously conjuring up an earthquake of mass destruction. Cheating affects not only your partner. It also affects your children, and your family in general. It will affect your partner mentally, physically, and emotionally. It will destroy your relationship’s most precious necessity, TRUST. Once the trust is destroyed, the relationship can easily be broken. Think before you cheat, and exhaust all other options. Most importantly, keep the line of communication open. Be Well:)

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