Celebrities are human beings first and above all else. Human Beings just like me. Human beings just like you. But sometimes we forget don’t we? We forget that celebrities have feelings just like us. We forget that celebrities cry just like us. We forget that celebrities have insecurities and are flawed just like us. We forget that celebrities feel hurt and pain just like we do. We forget that celebrities experience heartbreaks and betrayals just like we do. We forget that celebrities make mistakes. We forget that celebrities sometimes have moments where they feel alone, and depressed just like we do. We forget that celebrities have good and bad days just like we do. We forget that celebrities have families just like we do. We forget that celebrities aren’t perfect. Yes they signed up for work, to do something they love. But did they sign up for fame? Maybe they just simply listened to their calling which manifested into celebrity which blossomed into fame. Even if they did sign up, did they truly know and fully understand what was in store for them? Did they sign their lives over to us too? Do they deserve to be judged, ridiculed, criticized, and bullied though? We don’t own the rights to these celebrities. Some of us get so obsessed with them so much so, that we think we know them. We think we own the right to judge them. We think we own the right to tell them how to be, what to do, how to dress, how to talk, which hairstyles to get, and how to think. We think we have a say so in who they choose to be with and who they choose to love. While we’re all sitting behind our keyboards with our problematic selves in our problematic relationships. We say that we love our favorite celebrities so much, yet we bash them in the very same breath, every chance that we get. We purchase their music, buy tickets for their tours, watch their movies & TV shows, buy their merchandise, and follow them on social media, one day. Then bash them the next day. Can you close your eyes and imagine for a second if you will? Imagine just wanting to do what you love and loving your craft so much. Imagine how it would feel to see how happy you make other people feel simply by doing what you love to do. Imagine being put on a pedestal, or up high on an untouchable throne, where people look up to you. Imagine going home after performing for a big crowd, only to come home to a big house filled with lots of material things, and no one to share it with. Imagine being surrounded by personnel all day long, having to be impersonal, not being able to differentiate the genuine people from the fraudulent ones, and spending everyday with no privacy. Imagine the blinding flashes from a variety of cameras blinding you every single time you step foot outside and at every single turn. Imagine being stalked, and hunted down by paparazzi, just like how a lion does with his prey. Imagine not being able to go out and enjoy the normal things in life without being bombarded by needy strangers. Imagine going out to dinner, having to sign autographs in between sips, and bites. Imagine your kids being called names and being bullied on the internet because of who you are. Imagine having a mental, and emotional breakdown. Imagine having a health crisis. Imagine having to mourn, and grieve death with a million people watching your every move. Imagine trying to balance 20 different schedules, running off little to no sleep, and you’ve eaten much of nothing. Can you imagine? Now imagine dealing with all that, while simultaneously being underneath a microscope of scrutiny, and having to be in a public spotlight that’s never dimmed. Would you sign up for something like this? Not many people can handle the high price of fame. You should know that money doesn’t buy happiness. It can however, buy you a rug for you to sweep your unhappiness under. Celebrities are not excluded.



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